DragChamp Jr. Top 10 List – 9/9/20

Summer Field dominates the Top 10 List this week after making four finals at the Division 6 Bracket Finals. Parker Richey went two for three to lock down second place. Find all the details in the DragChamp Top 10 List.

09/9/20 – Welcome to the Jr. racer Top 10 List. The wildly popular list will now attempt to cover the Jr. class racers on a weekly basis. Let us know if you’d like to see this on a regular basis. Your feedback is key! Click here to view previous Top 10 Lists.

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DragChamp Jr. Top 10 List – 09/9/20

1 – Summer Field

DragChamp jr. Top 10 List

Summer Field went off at the Division 6 Bracket Finals making four finals on the weekend. She won the Friday Gamblers race in her dragster, was runner-up Saturday in the Race of Champions in the dragster and won both Saturday and Sunday in Jr. Street!

2 – Parker Richey

DragChamp jr. Top 10 List

Parker Richey had a huge weekend at Little River in Temple, Texas. He won the 6-9 IHRA Division 4 Ironman, won the 11.90 index class, and was runner-up in the Trophy Class.

3 – Corey Reed

DragChamp jr. Top 10 List

Corey Reed continued his domination at Silver Dollar this weekend. He grabbed his 11th win of the season on Saturday and was runner up on Sunday, his 14th final of the season.

4 – Shelby Thurman

DragChamp jr. Top 10 List

Shelby Thurman collected her 16th race win of the season after winning her 3rd straight race over the weekend.

5 – Zachary Holstion

DragChamp jr. Top 10 List

Zachary Holstion wrapped up the I-64 Fall championship this weekend in addition to winning 9 times in 10 races this season!

6 – Victoria Beaner

DragChamp jr. Top 10 List

Victoria Beaner made six finals in eight races to lock up the 2020 Orlando Jr. Novice track championship!

7 – Hayden Miller

hayden miller jr 10-12 saturday and sunday winner KOC

Hayden Miller doubles up at the King of the Coast race in Gulfport!

8 (tie) – Grace Varner

DragChamp jr. Top 10 List

Grace Varner doubled up in the 7.90 class at Silver Dollar! The double was her third win in three weeks and her 9th final of the season.

8 (tie) – Josiah Varner

Josiah Varner also doubled up at Silver Dollar earning the 8.90 win on Saturday and Sunday.

9 (tie) – Graeme Rufenacht

Already one of the winningest Jr. racers this year, Graeme Rufenacht kept it rolling earning the Quick 16 win in Texas!

9 (tie) – Danny Spotts

Danny Spotts made the finals for the fourth time in three weeks. After runner-up finishes in the first two finals, Spotts won twice on the weekend capturing a Wally in the process.

10 (tie) – Linly Hatcher

linly hatcher jr 10-12 saturday and sunday runner up KOC

Linly Hatcher made the finals on both Saturday and Sunday at Gulfport. Although she didn’t turn on the last win light either day, she did secure a Top 10 spot on the list.

10 (tie) – Caden Oliveira

Caden Oliveira won his second Wally in 2 weeks to close out the Top 10 List this week! He also beat his brother Logan in one of the finals!

Shout Out

Brody Turner gets a special shout out after the 6 year old won his first race at Silver Dollar!

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