Bracket Racing Returns to Houston Raceway Park

Bracket racing makes a return to Houston Raceway Park #PoweredbyPennzoil for the first time in almost five months.

BAYTOWN, TX- This weekend, May 1-2, 2021, the Texas Bracket Series presented by Houston Cheap Fireworks kicks off its season at Houston Raceway Park offering four separate classes: Burleson Construction Super Pro, Emmons Autoplex No Box, and the Barrilleaux Motorsports Jr Dragsters with Jr Street competing on Saturdays of the series.  

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New Twist For 2021

May 1-2, 2021 will open up a short season of a 7-race series with the addition of a new twist for 2021.

“It’s a hybrid between point series racing and big money racing but at a local level,” Austin Hayward, Competition Director at HRP, said after announcing a major change in the program for the year. Houston Raceway Park will run two separate classes for both Super Pro and No Box where the winner of the second class will go into the main class. “Doubling without the risk of missing the second pass” by having classes in-between the split format allows racers that may not have a “splash and go” operation to enter both classes.  

Why is this Different?

Each driver can register for points, for $50 per entry, with both their entries. If a racer were to choose, they could enter the points chase twice on two separate numbers. The reason behind keeping them separate is to give the racer that doesn’t enter both classes a fighting chance at a championship. A racer could also enter the point chase once and just run two entries for the money or not enter for points at all and just run for the money; after all, you can’t eat ’em. 

What’s the Money look like for this?

In order to enter the main class it will cost you $100, for both Super pro as well as No Box, your second entry will only cost $80 for each class. The pay scale looks like this, at 100 total entries first round (example 64 Super Pro Class A and 36 Super Pro Class B) the winner will take home $5,000, the runner-up $1,000, semi $250 and quarters $125. With 75 total entries first round $3,500 to win, $750 runner-up, $200 to semi and $100 in the quarters. At a minimum of 50 entries for $2,500 to win, $500 runner-up, $200 to semi and $100 in the quarters. Buy backs from all big cars will remain at $30.  

“I know it was a late, last minute change, but I think it will breathe new life into a stale program. Also, with a short calendar why not maximize the number of laps you can run down our beautiful racetrack” Austin stated. “Racers will be welcome to park Friday night during the weekly Fast Friday Street Legal Drags for $20 per rig with no individual admission for everyone inside the tow vehicle or can get some testing in Friday night for an additional $15 for a tech card.”  

The gates open Saturday morning (May 1, 2021) at 7:30 am to Houston Raceway Park, with time trials starting at 9:00am. Eliminations should start around Noon. On Sunday, gates open 7:30am with one time trial at 9:00am for all classes.  

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