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Jerry Brewer Wins Wiseco Performance Products $25K Saturday

Brewer picks up the last big check at the RAD Torque Spring Fling by winning Wiseco Performance Products $25K Saturday.

BENSON, NC – The final day had arrived for the RAD Torque Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries at GALOT Motorsports Park.

Wiseco Performance Products $25K Saturday would crown the last winner, the Todd’s Extreme Paint MVP award, and the Todd Barton Best Appearing Car.

saturday-winnerA jerry brewer spring fling galot
Jerry Brewer
Photo credit: Chris Simmons Photography

The Fling staff had been watching the ‘71 Barracuda roadster of Tim Quintin throughout the week and chose to award him the custom artwork for crew shirts courtesy of Todd Barton Design.

Three names had reached the shortlist of potential candidates for the MVP award until one racer stood out above the rest throughout Saturday’s eliminations.

tim quintin barracuda roadster spring fling best appearing 2
Tim Quintin’s best appearing Barracuda roadster
Photo credit: Cole Quintin

The Ladder Round

For the last opportunity to take home a Spring Fling big check, 337 drivers appeared in first round.

Eventually sixteen cars remained on the ladder, and those racers included Brian Martel, Tommy Plott, Tripp McCarty, Jeg Coughlin Jr., Cody Strickland, Bryan Balducci, Tyler Colbert, Greg Showns, Jonathan Edwards, Corey Manual, Bob Kolibsky, Jerry Brewer, Tim Thomas, Harold Bell Jr., Caraline McCarty, and Ken Batchelor.


The quarterfinals began with Caraline McCarty using a .022 advantage on the tree to advance past Thomas, running “dead-on” eight.

Brewer put down .011 total against the redlight of Kolibsky, while Batcher laid down a .006 package taking .007 on Balducci.

In the final match-up, Martel turned it just one thousandth red against the .013 package of Plott.

saturday-ruB tommy plott spring fling galot
Tommy Plott’s dragster
Photo credit: Chris Simmons Photography


Plott, just three thousandths behind on the tree against McCarty, ran it down “dead-on” five on the 4.64 dial to earn his place in the $25K final round.

Brewer used a .037 advantage off the line against Batchelor to face off with Plott.

Caraline McCarty (photo credit: Chris Simmons Photography) and Ken Batchelor (previous event, photo credit: Lou Crouch)

$25K Final Round

The final round rolled into the water with the Fling crew eagerly looking on to find out who would be taking home the last big check of the weekend.

Brewer left .002 with a .013 advantage over Plott, with Plott breaking out by just one thousandth in an attempt to run his opponent down.

The Wiseco Performance Products $25K Spring Fling trophy was handed off to an emotional Brewer after his .012 package in the final.

“This is one of the best races of the whole year for me. It’s not a million dollars… but it’s a million dollars to me,” Brewer said of his victory.

saturday-winnerB jerry brewer spring fling galot
Jerry Brewer celebrates the Wiseco Performance Products $25K win at the Spring Fling GALOT
Photo credit: Chris Simmons Photography
Tommy Plott
Photo credit: Chris Simmons Photography

For more information on the Spring Fling at GALOT visit BracketRaces.com, the Spring Fling Facebook page, or text “GALOT” to 74121.

MVP Award Winner

As far as the Todd’s Extreme Paint MVP award, Caraline McCarty earned that title thanks to her impressive performance. She drove her Rambler wagon into the ladder round every day at the ‘Fling including a semifinal finish Sunday.

This makes McCarty the youngest driver to claim a Spring Fling MVP award, as well as the first female to do so.

saturday-mvp caraline mccarty spring fling galot
Caraline McCarty
Photo credit: Chris Simmons Photography

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