Lizzy Finamore: Collecting Wins and Big Checks

This week’s DragChamp Jr. Racer Spotlight is all about 2021 PDRA East Coast Nationals Pro Junior Dragster winner, Lizzy Finamore.

CHARLOTTE HALL, MD- Elizabeth “Lizzy” Finamore has been racing her Junior Dragster for the past 5 years. Lizzy started racing when she was 12 years-old and has been competing regularly at her home track, Maryland International Raceway. Just this past year, she won the 2021 PDRA East Coast Nationals Pro Junior Dragster class at Galot Motorsports Park and earned a $1K check for her win at the King of the Creek bracket race.

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About her Junior Dragster

Her current car is a 2008 Mike Bos chassis that she has owned for the past 4 years. Onboard is a Rhino 3.5 engine which powers her car at an impressive 80 MPH.

Outside of Racing

When Lizzy isn’t behind the wheel of her race car, she can found hanging out with her family, watching the Netflix series, All American, or cheering on the Baltimore Ravens. Her favorite music is old Rap or R&B, and she is forever a big Eminem fan. On the internet, she likes to scroll Facebook and TikTok and her favorite food is a Steak Quesadilla with sour cream.

Giving Thanks

Lizzy would like to thank her Dad and Step-Mom for everything that they have done for her to have this opportunity. She would also like to thank her cousins for introducing her to racing and helping convince her to try it out. Next, she would like to thank her sponsor, Proflex Physical Therapy for their continued support and Ron Hubble for her amazing motor. Last, she would like to thank her boyfriend for helping run her car and helping her out at the racetrack and she would like to thank others for helping out her family when they needed it the most.

Lizzy’s Accomplishments

  • 2021 PDRA East Coast Nationals Pro Junior Dragster Winner
  • King of the Creek $1K Junior Winner
  • Back-to-Back Wins at Maryland International Raceway this season
Lizzy Finamore
2021 PDRA East Coast Nationals Pro Junior Dragster Winner
Lizzy Finamore
2021 King of the Creek Winner

Lizzy Finamore’s Q&A

What is your favorite race car, and why?

My favorite race car would be a mustang , doesn’t matter what year or anything I just want a mustang . My reason being is because I have ALWAYS loved mustangs ever since I was a little girl and to race in one, that would just be amazing .

Who do you look up to in the sport?

My cousin, Hannah because she’s one of the reasons I love to do what I do now. 

Tell us what you do for a living?

I help my dad with the cars , I help my sister at home on the practice tree so she can get better at racing so she can succeed in her dreams.

Who do you hate to see in the other lane, and why?

My family because I hate racing because my family wants my family to do good. 

What’s the hardest part of drag racing?

keeping focus at night because it’s late and the lights are brighter. 

What’s your most embarrassing moment in a race car?

When you sneeze while bumping in or when you fall in the lanes 

What are you saying to yourself just before you stage the car?

“don’t get mad if you lose, you don’t win all of them”

What do you enjoy the most at the racetrack?

Hanging with my friends and supporting my family 

Do you love to win or hate to lose?

I love to win because then I feel like I made everyone proud. 

Which are you better at the starting line or the finish line?

Starting line because I can hit the tree. 

Lizzy Finamore

What motivates you to continue racing?

My family and everyone saying “ You just go get them next time”.

If money were no object, what would your racing operation look like?  Car, trailer, class, race schedule, etc.

My car would be a mustang. It doesn’t matter on style or year , my trailer would be a blacked out stacker with air conditioning , I would do Top Et ( Box ) & race schedule would be the same every Saturday and Sunday. 

How often do you use a practice tree?

I don’t use it often because I’m worried it will mess me up. 

What are you really good at?

I’m really good at multitasking , helping others when need be.

Would you rather hang out with a crowd or have a quiet evening at home?

I would rather have a quiet evening at home with my family than with a crowd because family is all you need. 

What is a piece of advice you’d give to an aspiring racer?

Don’t give up and try your hardest, if you put full effort into what you love, you will succeed . 

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