The DragChamp Show with Lee Zane

Lee Zane, former NHRA Stock World Champ and drag racing school instructor, is our guest this week on the DragChamp Show podcast!

Former NHRA Stock Eliminator World Champ and current drag race instructor Lee Zane is our guest this week on the DragChamp Show.  We had a great conversation about Lee’s adventures while racing across the country.

“This thing shook in every effing gear.” – Lee discussing his first laps in a NHRA Pro Stock car

Lee shared a number of stories including how he got started in racing, racing with Jim Harrington, driving a Pro Stocker, holding 8 tenths and winning, going .040 at the tree against Nick Hastings and Michael Beard and winning against both of them.

As usual, we covered a lot of ground during our conversation, we hope you enjoy.

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