DragChamp Jr. Racer Top 10 List – 9/8/21

Gavin Whisnant makes three finals to lead the Jr. Racer Top 10. Find all the details in the DragChamp Jr. Racer Top 10 List.

9/8/21 – Welcome to the Jr. Racer Top 10 List. Each week we rank the best Jr. racers across the country based on their weekly performances. Nominations are accepted every Monday evening on our Facebook page.

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DragChamp Jr. Racer Top 10 List

1 – Gavin Whisnant

Gavin Whisnant competed in five races at four different tracks in the same weekend while covering 680 miles. Whisnant kicked off the holiday weekend with a runner-up finish at Shadyside. On Saturday he made it down to 3 cars for the $5K race in Darlington then left there and picked up a runner-up at Pageland. Then on Sunday Gavin won at Shadyside and finally on Monday he made it down to 3 cars at Elk Creek. In total Gavin made 38 passes and turned on 25 win lights in one weekend!

2 – Brandon Deal

Brandon Deal picked up a win and runner-up at Keystone and also won the track championship at Keystone. Brandon has made 6 finals in the last 3 weekends and came out with 4 wins.

3 – Trent Augustyn

Trent Augustyn had a great weekend at the Southwest Jr. Dragster Series Ironman Nationals. He won the Bracket 330 class, 13-17 Age Group, and was on the winning team for the IHRA Division 4 Jr. Team Finals. Augustyn collected two big checks and two Ironman trophies for his efforts.

4 – Parker Richey

Parker Richey takes the number 4 spot after making 3 finals in 2 weeks. A week ago Richey was runner-up at Houston Raceway. He followed that by winning the 10-12 Age Group class at the SWJDS Ironman Nationals and was in the split and quit finals for the All Run Big $$ race.

5– Hope Capley

Hope Capley rounds off the top 5 after making 5 finals in a row and coming out with 4 wins.

6– CJ Jenkins

CJ Jenkins won 4 of his last 5 races which makes it 11 wins this season.

7 – Dylan White

Dylan White won the $5K race in Darlington.

8 – Kylie Bradley

Kylie Bradley made the finals in her past 4 races picking up 2 wins and 2 runner-ups.

9 – Shelby Thurman

Shelby Thurman takes the number 9 spot after making 4 finals in a row.

10 (tie) – Logan Scrivner

Logan Scrivner won the Gamblers race and the Race of Champions at NHRA Division 6 ET Finals at Woodburn Dragstrip.

10 (tie) – Jace Renoll

Jace Renoll rounds out this week’s list after doubling up at Tucson Dragway. His brother Kade also has a win and a runner-up.

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