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Ezell Doubles-Up at 3rd Annual Texas Two Step

Johnny Bracket Racer doubled-up $10K wins; Justice, Sandlin, Wheeler, Hughes, Wells, Burleson, and Free captured wins at the 3rd Annual CP Promotion’s Texas Two Step at I-30 Dragway.

Photos by Extreme Photography/ Robert Grice

CADDO MILLS, TX- CP Promotions held their 3rd Annual Texas Two Step March 31- April 3, 2022 at I-30 Dragway. With over 200 big car entries and 32 Junior Dragsters, the event was super successful and they were able to crown eight winners. The event featured a $3,000-to-win Gamblers Race on Thursday, Three $10Ks for Box, Three $1,000 bonuses to each day’s No Box winner, and two-days of Junior Dragster racing.

See full results below!

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Thursday’s Gamblers Race

In Thursday’s $3,000-to-win Gamblers Race, Brandon Justice picked up the win over Jim Callaway.

Brandon Justice
Brandon Justice, Thursday Gamblers Race Winner

Friday No Box

Chad Sandlin claimed the Friday No Box win over Kevin Martin.

Chad Sandlin
Chad Sandlin, Friday No Box Winner

Friday Box

Johnny Ezell drove to victory in Friday’s $10K Box class over Brandon Justice.

Johnny Ezell
Johnny Ezell, Friday Box Winner

Saturday No Box

In Saturday’s No Box class, Colton Wheeler captured the win over Drew Porcher.

Colton Wheeler
Colton Wheeler, Saturday No Box Winner

Saturday Box

Johnny Ezell returned to the winner’s circle on Saturday, this time getting the $10K Box win over Chad Sandlin.

Johnny Ezell
Johnny Ezell, Saturday Box Winner

Saturday Junior Dragster

In Saturday’s Junior Dragster class, Douglas Hughes picked up the win over Cash Pennington,

Douglas Hughes
Douglas Hughes, Saturday Junior Dragster Winner
Cash Pennington 3rd Texas Two Step
Cash Pennington, Friday Junior Dragster Runner-up

Sunday No Box

Dustin Wells captured the Sunday No Box win over Kevin Martin.

Dustin Wells 3rd Texas Two Step
Dustin Wells, Sunday No Box Winner

Sunday Box

Donny Burleson picked up the Sunday $10K Box win over Ty Farmer.

Donny Burleson 3rd Texas Two Step
Donny Burleson, Sunday Box Winner

Sunday Junior Dragster

In Sunday’s Junior Dragster class, DragChamp’s own, Austin Free claimed the win over K. Nelson.

Austin Free 3rd Texas Two Step
Austin Free, Sunday Junior Dragster Winner
K. Nelson 3rd Texas Two Step
K. Nelson, Sunday Junior Dragster Winner

Congratulations to all winners and finalists from the 3rd Annual Texas Two Step at I-30 Dragway. Up next on the CP Racing Promotions’ schedule is the Summer 5ks at State Capitol Raceway June 3-5, 2022. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

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