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Winners Crowned at Silver State West Coast Classic

Hoefer, Wurtz, Kidd, Schmall, Serra, Shearer, and Phillips claimed wins at the Silver State West Coast Classic Bracket Race at Famoso Dragstrip.

Photos/ Event Write-up provided by West Coast Bracket Races

BAKERSFIELD, CA- West Coast Bracket Races held their Silver State West Coast Classic Bracket Race November 17-20, 2022 at Famoso Dragstrip. The four-day event featured a Thursday $2K Pro & Super Pro Run for the Money, two Super Pro $10Ks, two Pro $5Ks, one Super Pro $20K, and one $7,500-to-win Pro class. See full event results below!

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Thursday Results

CW Hoefer and Tim Wurtz kicked off the Silver State Commercial Refrigeration West Coast Classic collecting the first two BIG Checks of the weekend on Hughes Performance Thursday.

Pro $2K

Hoefer set the table being .001 out the gate and forced Pedro Valadez .037 to roll 3 thou under while sitting it down to .02 above and the win in Pro.

CW Hoefer, Thursday Pro Winner

Super Pro $2K

In Super Pro, Tim Wurtz threw down .025 total on a 5.11 dial behind Dale Taros in the Front Engine Dragster who put the red bulb by .009 and legged it to a 1 above 5.31 on a 5.30.

Tim Wurtz, Thursday Super Pro Winner

Friday Results

Rayce Kidd has been on a tear since about the mid point this year, and on Saturday afternoon he collected his first WCBR $10,000 Main Event on the delayed Kidd Performance Friday. Andy Schmall who is no stranger to WCBR Winners Circle, having had raced himself in a WCBR Pro Final at the Classic in 2019, collected yet another BIG check and continues to staple himself as one of the best bottom bulb racers in the country.

Super Pro $10K

After breaking a transmission in the 1/4 finals Friday night, Rayce Kidd made way to the semis against good friend Pierson Deming who lit the Red Bulb by .003.

On the other side of the ladder was Bill Kidd in the Chevy 2 out of Marana, AZ, knocking out local hitter Stece Shearer. Kidd capitalized on a .007 advantage at the ttee and went dead on 6 pushing Shesrer under by 4 thou.

In the Final, Kidd (Idaho) vs Kidd (Arizona) saw the Chevy 2 leave .003 early out the gate and Rayce Kidd in the Dragster was .009 green and that was end of Story.

Pro $5K

Schmall finished Friday nights’ action in a monster matchup with David Myhre and capitalized after being .003 on the starting line and earning the bye in the semis.

Sacha Hoefer, who also is no stranger to WCBR Big Finals having runnered up in the $50K and a Main Event at The Showdown,

Found her way to the final round by advantage of a .001 Light against Tim O’Moore in the Camaro, our 2022 Showdown 50k Winner.

In the tight final, Schmall left .015 to Hoefers’ .017 and eased it to 1 above 5.918 on the 5.91 against Sachas’ 3 above.

 Rayce Kidd & Andy Schmall, Friday Super Pro & Pro Winners
Rayce Kidd & Andy Schmall, Friday Super Pro & Pro Winners

Saturday Results

K&N Saturday brought 265 racers to 1st round, and at the end of the day Jeff Serra all the way out from Adamstown, PA, and Steve Shearer from right here in the Bakersfield area, were the last ones standing and taking the Hardware and Big Checks.

Super Pro $20K

Serra, who flew out and is wheeling one of Shane Thompson’s whips, marched through the field and earned his spot in the Championship round after knocking out Jonathan Fiello, who was doubled in BOTH pro and Super Pro in the Semis.

Dale Taros in his front engine dragster, has already runnered up in Thursdays Run For The Money Shootout, put a string of great runs together lighting up the scoreboard in a handful of great side by side races, finding the semis with Pierson Deming who has been beating on the door since he came through the gate. In the semi, Taros used a .005 to slam the door at the finishline forcing Deming under his dial after chasing .026 disadvantage on the tree.

In the final, arguably the best Top Bulb Racer in the country, Jeff Serra collected his $20,000 Payday when Taros left .004 RED ahead of his .002 Green.

Jeff Serra, Saturday Super Pro Winner West Coast Classic
Jeff Serra, Saturday Super Pro Winner

Pro $7,500-to-win

Steve Shearer decided he wanted to Bottom Bulb Race this weekend, splitting duties with car owner and friend, Kyle Rizzoli, and at the end of the day it paid off with the biggest Pro Main Event to date.

In the semis, Shearer knocked out Jonathan Fiello who was on a mission in both classes till that point, by means of a double breakout and Thursday Run For The Money Winner CW Hoefer made the solo setting the stage for K&N Saturday Championship Round.

CW Hoefer, who is a former Showdown Main Event Winner, wheeled his “sportsman” car once again through round after round and in the final, took a 3 Thou advantage out the gate and bit off a litte too much at the stripe while Shearer made the right choice to get to 1 above for the Championship Round.

Steve Shearer, Saturday Pro Winner West Coast Classic
Steve Shearer, Saturday Pro Winner

Sunday Results

The Silver State Commercial Refrigetation West Coast Classic concluded in grand fashion for Meziere Enterprises Sunday with Rayce Kidd collecting his second $10,000 win of the weekend against himself and Roger Phillips rolled through some of the best in the west on the bottom to take his first WCBR Pro Title.

Super Pro $10K

Kidd, who already collected his 1st WCBR Main Event Friday Night, ripped through the day with both entries and in the 1/4’s set the stage to have semi final one solo into the final, and take on Andrew Olson out of Sacramento in the 1970 Camaro for the other spot. In that pairing, Rayce grabbed 7 thou advantage early and parlayed that with 5 thou in front at the stripe securing his Double Up.

Rayce joins 3 other racers who have raced themselves in a WCBR event, and 2 of which are also from Idaho in Duston Wurtz (WCC 2019-SP) and Andy Schmall (WCC 2019-Pro). The other racer to do it is Pedro Valdez in Pro at the Summer Classic in 2019.

Rayce Kidd, Sunday Super Pro Winner West Coast Classic
Rayce Kidd, Sunday Super Pro Winner

Pro $5K

Roger Phillips, Modesto Ca, wasn’t even so sure he should be racing this weekend, but after his wife insisted he get to the track, he went on to collect the $5,000 Pay day in one of the most talented fields we have seen at a WCBR event in Pro. In the 1/8’s Phillips took out Pedro Valadez, who was still doubled that round, leaving .010 on the tree and easing into a 1 above. That light earned him the solo in the 1/4’s where he ran into Brandon Umberger and “The Bean”. Phillips was .015 and chasing Umbergers’ .008 who got behind and Phillips slid in to dead on 4.

Waiting in the water box for his solo was Friday Nights’ Kidd Performance Champion, Andy Schmall in the Beretta. Andy threw .018 at the tree on the solo, giving Phillips Lane Choice in the Final.

Phillips once again stepped up to the plate in a monster opportunity, letting go .004 and grabbing the stripe by .001 going 6.468 on the 6.45 with Schmall being .015 down low and dead on 5.908 on the 5.90!

Phillips thanked his wife and the competition for the incredible day.

Roger Phillips, Sunday Super Pro Winner West Coast Classic
Roger Phillips, Sunday Super Pro Winner

Congratulations to all winners and finalists from the Silver State West Coast Classic Bracket Race at Famoso Dragstrip.

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