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Groton wins $20K at Mutt & Jeff Promotions Fall Brawl

Bradford, Groton, Hamlik, Purcell, Parkinson, and Maddox captured wins at the 3rd Annual Mutt & Jeff Promotions Fall Brawl.

Recap and photos provided by Mutt & Jeff Promotions

DELMAR, DE- The 3rd annual Mutt & Jeff Promotions Fall Brawl again returned to US 13 Dragway in Delmar, Delaware this past weekend for more big money bracket racing action. Mother nature was fully prepared to stall the event but the Mutt & Jeff along with US 13 crews laced up their work boots and managed to get all three main events wrapped up and paid in full. S&W Performance Group along with Altronics Incorporated provided the MotorManiaTV live feed for everyone to watch along at home.

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Friday $12K

Friday kicked off with beautiful weather and no rain in the forecast, yet somehow a storm moved in and halted the action during second round. Friday’s race would then be picked up on Saturday and eventually finished on Sunday for a true test of the driver’s ability to predict their machines. 

In the Footbrake final we would see the familiar face of Andy Purcell in his 41 willy’s coupe take on Kenneth Dick in the 61 Valiant. Andy was able to parlay his .009 to .039 starting line advantage into a win at the strip with a 1 over 5.701 on a 5.69 as Kenneth runs out trying to get there. Purcell picked up the Brian’s Auto Repair and Trailer Sales $750 bonus for his efforts and moved into Round 7 of the $12,000 to win event.

Andy Purcell, Friday No Box Bonus Winner
Andy Purcell, Friday No Box Bonus Winner

With five drivers’ remaining, the ladder matched Darren Wroten in his 68 Chevelle with Andy in the Willy’s, Jeff Krushinski in his Camaro against fellow Numidia race Adam Bochon in his Procharged dragster, and US 13 killer Alex Bradford on the solo to the semi’s. Wroten would outlast Purcell in a double breakout affair with a 5.633 underneath his 5.64 prediction to move to the round of 3. Next up, Krushinski used his .018 to .026 starting line advantage to squeak out a .003 margin of victory over Bochon as both drivers stick it dead on the number. With everyone already having a bye run throughout the race Alex had a shot to snag the bye at 3 by being better than Jeff’s .018. Bradford took full advantage being .008 dead on zero on his freebie to lock himself into the bye and a free pass to the final. 

Three cars remain chasing the 12k purse, Wroten versus Krushinski and Bradford again with the bye.  Krushinski takes the lead .010 to the .019 of Wroten but doesn’t get to the stripe first handing the win to Wroten 5.669 on a 5.64. Bradford again lets go .008 on his solo shot showing he is on point and ready for the final. 

Classic door car dragster matchup, Darren in the Chevelle leaves first with a slight edge .017 to the .020 of Alex but Bradford is able to get around Wroten on the big end 4.766 on a 4.75 to take home the Happy Gilmore $12,000 Class 1 Transport Friday check.  

Alex Bradford, Friday $12K Winner
Darren Wroten, Friday $12K Runner-up

Saturday $20K

Next up was the Saturday VP Race Fuels $20,000 main event. The bottom bulb field came to a close with Benny Parkinson in the 86 Camaro lining up with Kenneth Dick in the 65 Valiant who was also in Friday’s final. Benny snatched up .024 advantage at the hit and runs out by less at the stripe 6.578 on the 6.58 dial to take home the Cut Above Lawn Care and Landscaping LLC $1000 bonus and move into the main event ladder.  

Benny Parkinson, Saturday No Box Bonus
Benny Parkinson, Saturday No Box Bonus

Round 7 left us with 5 drivers, Former Fall Brawl winner Jeff Duck in his M&M dragster taking on Lenny Bucher also in a long car, George Gentile in his dragster against Adam Bochon who is again deep in his ProCharged dragster, and the solo shot going to Billy Groton in his street driven 67 Tempest.  Lenny would take the lead .010-.014 against Duck and hold on as both drivers put it dead on the number to move him to the round of 3.  Bochon needed a little more delay as he kicks it -.025 red trying to catch a very game Gentile who was .019 dead on with a 2.  Groton would let go .012 on his solo and flash the boards 7.395 underneath a 7.46 prediction at 9 mph less than his prior lap to make everyone wonder how he will handle these dragsters. 

Bucher’s .010 the prior round was good enough to lock him into the bye to the final where he would simply stage and take the tree.  The other match up paired Billy in the street ride with George in the dragster. Billy was able to take a strong advantage with a .008 to the .033 of Gentile, Groton lights up the lamp 7.469 dead on the 7.46 number at 90 mph as George slows to .14 above.  

The stage is set again for another door car/dragster final.  Groton gets to leave almost a full 3 seconds before Bucher and when he does, he drags the tree with him .003 to Lenny’s .029.  At the finish line Billy would light the final lamp 7.469 again dead on his 7.46 prediction for a .012 total package locking out Bucher’s 1 above with a 9.  Billy Groton gets to drive the VP Race Fuels 20k main event check straight to the bank in his “race car”.

Billy Groton, Saturday $20K Winner
Billy Groton, Saturday $20K Winner
Lenny Bucher,  Saturday $20K Runner-up
Lenny Bucher, Saturday $20K Runner-up

$12K Sunday

All that was left was to payout the ATI Performance Products $12,000 to win Sunday event. In the bottom bulb final, we would get to see Humphrey Maddox in his just finished S-10 go up against Herbert Sullivan in the 84 third gen Camaro. This one would be over at the start when Sullivan turns it .002 pink handing Humphrey the Shetron Auction and Equipment $750 bonus. Maddox was ready with his .013 at the hit and .024 under lap that sent him to the ladder.

Humphrey Maddox, Sunday No Box Bonus Winner
Humphrey Maddox, Sunday No Box Bonus Winner

This ladder saw 6 remaining, Gerard Hamlik’s first gen 68 Camaro paired with Neal Huber in his Monte Carlo, Lin Bowie’s Corvette Roadster taking on Todd Welzel in his dragster, and Andy Blank in his dragster along side Maddox.  Huber flat misses the tree and Gerard capitalizes with a .012 reaction time 1 above with a 1 out of the throttle at the stripe.  Todd in the dragster takes a .005 lead against Lin, .015-.020, and puts it .005 closer to the number at the finish line sending him to the round of 3.  Humphrey leans on it just a shade to hard against Blank in the dragster turning on the red bulb with a -.010 much to the relief of Andy who let go .045 to make his way to the semi’s.  

At three cars, Welzel on a bye to the final and Hamlik trying to outlast Blank and make sure all three finals would be door car against dragster.  Gerard buys himself .025 to work with off the line .012 to the .037 of Blank giving chase and is able to hold on by just .001.  Welzel hits the tree .027 on his solo and makes a half pass to not tip his hand.  

Your final, final of the weekend pitted Gerard Hamlik in the Camaro against the long car of Todd Welzel for $12,000.  The door car leaves first with a .023 and the dragster soon after with a .017, down at the stripe Gerard is able to hold off Todd with a 5.955 dead on run a mere .005 ahead netting him the final big payday.  

Gerard Hamlik, Sunday $12K Winner
Gerard Hamlik, Sunday $12K Winner
Todd Welzel,  Sunday $12K Runner-up
Todd Welzel, Sunday $12K Runner-up

Paul would like to send his sincerest thank you to all the sponsors who help put this together along with all of the Promotion Staff, US 13 staff, and all of the Racers who made the trip to make yet another great event.  He also promises big things to come next year for our 10th Anniversary season.  Stay Tuned!

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