Troy’s Snack Shack Fuels Hungry Racers During Great American Guaranteed Million

Troy Morgan and Environmental Oil Recovery joins team of sponsors at the Great American Guaranteed Million. Troy’s Snack Shack is destined to be a crowd favorite in October.

Promoters Gaylon Rolison Jr. and Britt Cummings are set to host the Great American Guaranteed Million at Memphis International Raceway, October 6th – 11th. Everything in sportsman drag racing seems to be getting bigger in 2020. There has been an increase in payouts, car counts, and even racer’s appetites. To satisfy those cravings, Troy’s Snack Shack will be on property thanks to Troy Morgan and Environmental Oil Recovery. Even though there can only be one million dollar winner, Troy’s Snack Shack will ensure that all racers have a good time and delicious food.

Troy’s Snack Shack will be open from 10:30 in the morning until 6:30 in the evening, Thursday through Sunday. Racers and crew will enjoy fried fish, chicken wings, boudin balls, crawfish etouffee, pepper dressing, seafood balls and pork tenderloin. The only element that overshadows the menu is the price…100% free. Troy’s Snack Shack is one more reason for racers to attend one of the biggest events of the 2020 season.

troy morgan winner circle sunset
Years of Sponsorship Experience

Morgan and his company are no strangers to supporting the sportsman drag racing community. His service began with racer appreciation dinners in the 1990s. Morgan would become well known for feeding the racers, whether through his own Crawfish Boils or by renting concession trailers.

He soon realized that he could advertise his business, Environmental Oil Recovery, around people who change their own oil. Racers would soon be on his radar as potential customers. While competing at local tracks, Morgan would hang a banner and provide a tank for anyone who changed their oil.

troy morgan winner circle

In 2012, Morgan upped his advertising game at the World Footbrake Challenge. He began small, by sponsoring the prize for drivers who had a perfect reaction time. Eventually, he went as far as sponsoring the MotorManiaTV live feed; where everyone at home could watch their favorite racers.

When asked why he chose to be a part of the Great American Guaranteed Million, Morgan says, “I think Gaylon and Britt are putting on a great show and it’s a great place for my business to get recognized.” There’s also a chance he will pick up business because a lot of people from the Dallas Fort Worth area will be in attendance.

Troy’s Racing History

As far as racing goes, Morgan began his career after his first trip to Whitehouse Drag Strip when he was 14 years old. He literally pieced together a couple of cars, his 55 Chevy and 62 Chevy II, including a less than tech worthy roll cage built from exhaust tubing. Once he sold the ’55, he bought an 82 Z-28 Camaro that he still owns 40 years later.

Morgan is no slouch on the track either. He raced the Camaro in the Winston Points series where he won 13 out of 14 events at Hallsville Raceway. Nowadays you usually find him behind the wheel of a Monte Carlo, including his most recent win at Paris Dragstrip. It’s worth mentioning that after not racing in eight months, Morgan grabbed the top spot at his first race back!

troy morgan monte carlo winner circle
Troy Morgan wheels his Monte Carlo into the winner’s circle

Morgan will be pulling double duty at the Great American Guaranteed Million as both a sponsor and a racer. He will be competing in the Mickey Thompson Great 48 No Box class in October. Morgan plans to really focus on each round while getting the unique opportunity to race, for such a large amount of money. He knows that everything must align perfectly for that big win to happen.

According to Morgan, “You’ve got to have good equipment and a good spot on the tree, but that still doesn’t mean you’re going to win. The challenge is not to beat yourself, because most of the time when we get beat, we beat ourselves.” Morgan knows winning the Mickey Thompson Great 48 class would be a big accomplishment. He hopes that a footbrake racer wins the Guaranteed Million, even if it isn’t him.

The Business

Morgan’s business, Environmental Oil Recovery is an oil recycling company that helps keep our waters clean and protects the environment. This is accomplished by allowing a safe place to dispose of oil, oil filters, and coolants. They are based out of Longview, TX but have yards in Fort Worth, TX and Monroe, LA. Environmental Oil and Recovery will also travel a 100-mile radius. They collect used oil and products from mom and pop shops all the way to the largest automotive companies.

Great American Guaranteed $1,000,000 Event Flyer

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