Pollard, Sexton, and Sowers headline finals at Loose Rocker’s Colonial Footbrake Triple 10’s

Kevin Pollard, Nathan Sexton, and Darin Sowers visit the winner’s circle during Loose Rocker’s Colonial Footbrake Triple 10’s.

JULIAN, NC – Footbrakers invaded Piedmont Dragway in Julian, NC once again for a hot summer deal.  The welcoming triad area facility has long been a racer favorite, and it grows ever more so under the watch of Jesse and Amanda Senecal. 

Their pride in the track trickles down to every staff member, as they continually strive to make improvements.  That dedication set it apart during Loose Rocker Promotions’ Colonial Footbrake Triple 10’s, which was challenged by weather.

Sporadic sprinkles forced the finish of Friday’s 10K into Saturday, but heavy overnight rain that lasted until noon delayed it even further.  The Piedmont staff, led by chief starter and track prep specialist Leon, dried the track, scraped, and prepped in a matter of just a few hours to put the event back on track.

William Roberts
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography

Friday Results

Following Saturday’s first round, Friday’s field was finally whittled down to Loose Rocker royalty, with Deadly Devin Dudley squaring off with Kevin Pollard in the semis, and Nick Hastings on the bye. 

Pollard used a .008 to .020 advantage to grab a double breakout win over Dudley.  Hastings laid down a .002 and eight-thou under lap on his bye. 

In the finals, Hastings squeezed it just a tick harder to flip it -.002 red and ran a 6.056 (6.06 dial-in), although Pollard showed he was ready for the barn-burner with a .001-backed 5.305 (5.31).  It was Pollard’s second Loose Rocker win in five finals.

kevin pollard friday win colonial footbrake triple 10's
Kevin Pollard wins Friday at the Colonial Footbrake Triple 10’s
Photo credit: Michael Beard
nick hastings friday runner up
Nasty Nick Hastings
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography

Saturday Results

Back to Saturday’s action, Pollard found himself in the mix once again, but dropped it -.003 red in the semis against last year’s Colonial Classic winner Nathan Sexton.  It was an opportune time for Sexton, whose .032 bulb was his latest since Round 2. 

That set up a final round matchup between him and David Stebner, who sat on the bye.  Stebner’s Duster has a storied history on the Loose Rocker trail, with a number of wins coming from a variety of hired guns, but the owner showed he can hold his own as well! 

Sexton returned to form in the finals, however, and his .010-initiated perfectly dead-on 6.600 (6.60) gave Stebner nowhere to go but under with his .044 and 5.946 (5.95). 

In the span of one calendar year, Sexton lept into the top ten of the Loose Rocker leaderboard with his fourth victory.  This one was particularly special, as he was driving a fresh build street-legal Mustang with only three weeks of racing under its belt. 

sexton saturday win colonial footbrake triple 10's
Nathan Sexton wins Saturday at the Colonial Footbrake Triple 10’s
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography
david stebner saturday runner up
David Stebner
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography

At the end of the night, all of the rain that began the day was just a distant memory, thanks to the outstanding efforts from the Piedmont Dragway crew.

Of special note, not one but TWO perfect runs were recorded on Saturday, including an incredible .000 dead 0 taking .001 by William Roberts in the re-entry round, followed up by another perfect run in round two by Jim “Bo” Sells.  There have now been 20 perfect runs in Loose Rocker history, nine of them by Footbrakers!

Jim “Bo” Sells
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography

Sunday Results

Sunday’s 10K finals brought fresh faces to the table, alongside another top ten veteran, Scott Macy.  Macy dropped behind Wade Giles’ .018-backed 6.305 (6.29), while Darin Sowers took the bye. 

Sowers took control in the finals, .003 to .032, and both drivers landed .02-over to light up the W for Sowers.

darin sowers colonial footbrake triple 10's
Darin Sowers wins Sunday at the Colonial Footbrake Triple 10’s
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography
wade giles sunday runner up
Wade Giles
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography

Loose Rocker Schedule Continues

Loose Rocker returns to Piedmont Dragway in November for its most popular specialty events on back to back weekends, the 10th Annual Racer Tees American Doorslammer Nationals presented by McCarty Auto Parts on November 18-20, and the ATI Performance Products Fall Footbrake Frenzy XIII Thanksgiving Weekend, November 26-27.

For more information, take a look at the Loose Rocker Facebook page or website.

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