The DragChamp Show with Bryson Scruggs

Bryson Scruggs, 22 year old bracket racer and nephew of Jason Lynch, is our guest this week on the DragChamp Show podcast!

After a week of fighting record cold temps in Texas and constant power outages, we finally sat down with Bryson Scruggs for a little bench racing session.  His good friend two-seater Doug Foley Jr. was a surprise call-in guest which added to the good times.

“It’s got the Tennessee Tilt not the Carolina Squat” – Bryson talking about his pickup truck’s stance

Bryson, the 22 year old nephew of bracket racing legend Jason Lynch, shared the good times of traveling and working for his uncle.  This included multiple stories of changing trans, converters, motors, etc.  Bryson and Doug shared some great stories of being on the road and bracket racing for a living. 

“Hit it wide open, I promise you’ll have a good time” – Two-seater talking Bryson into jumping a dirt mound on a scooter

The most memorable part of the podcast was the spelling test Ryan gave Bryson.  Bryson is known for his constant misspellings which lead to lots of laughs.  In the end we had a blast listening to the guys tell stories including playing hot potato with a cactus, leaving the dragster scoop at the house, and entering four times in the first round at a Tenn-Tuck race.

After the interview, the guys talk starting line controllers in the footbrake class.  As always, let us know what you think about this episode.  We appreciate your feedback.

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