Monday, April 15, 2024

Fuel Factory Launches New Brand of Performance Fuels Built for Speed

Pennsylvania-based Fuel Factory announces a new brand of performance fuels now available for the 2023 season.

Murrysville, PA – Fuel Factory is a north American producer of race fuels explicitly focused on the motorsport industry, with over 20 unique blends available to service the gamut of needs in the motorsport community.   

“We decided to work on race fuel, and that’s it. So we’ve spent the last 12 months collaborating with some of the industry’s top engine builders, testing different formulations, prototyping, and improving our fuel blends. Feedback from the dyno and the race track has been incredible! We’re excited to launch at the PRI show and get our hard work in the hands of racers ahead of the 2023 racing season,” Michael Tedesco – Fuel Factory, President. 

Fuels will be available via an evolving distribution network. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Fuel Factory! 

About Fuel Factory

Some of us have an unextinguishable fire burning inside us. It ignites us to compete. It inspires us to go for the gap on the last lap. It drives us to push an engine to the ragged edge, just for a few more horsepower. Do you have that fire? We do. And we pour it into every gallon of fuel we sell.

We are performance-driven, built for racers by racers. You won’t find any fluff, add-ons, or snake oil here. We are focused on racing fuel, plain and simple. We want to go fast, we want to win, and we want the same for you. We are Fuel Factory. We are built for speed.

For more information on Fuel Factory, please visit our website at: www.FuelFactoryUSA.com

 For all media inquiries, please contact: Media@FuelFactoryUSA.com.

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