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GallStar TV and Mullis Race Cars Announce Multi-Year Partnership

GallStar TV will deliver a unique experience to drag racing fans across the globe utilizing a cutting-edge partnership with Mullis Race Cars.

BERESFORD, SD- Staying relevant in the era of ever-changing trends and short attention spans can be troublesome but GallStar TV founder, Tom Gall, eagerly rises to the challenge. His latest innovation includes a multi-year partnership with the prestigious fabrication company, Mullis Race Cars.

GallStar TV is known as the premier bracket racing channel on YouTube where Gall chronicles the life of a drag racer using race day vlogs, technical tutorials, product showcases, and event livestreams. Aside from video creation, Gall advocates for his numerous company affiliations, markets merchandise through the GallStar TV swag shop, and has entered the world of big money bracket race promotion with GallStar Bracket Races.

The 2022 race season will have a substantial focus on a brand-new dragster being built by Mullis Race Cars for GallStar TV. Subscribers can expect behind the scenes footage from one of the most desired dragster brands in the market alongside exclusive interviews with the likes of Mullis owner, Glenn Gordon. After completion, Gall will debut the Mullis Race Cars dragster in hopes of claiming another World Championship title.

Gall explains, “My current dragster was built in 2006 and I knew I wanted my next car to be from Mullis Race Cars. Their attention to detail includes all the features you would want in a car and the comfort is second-to-none. I’m really excited to showcase some of the unique things the Mullis crew does and be able to support one of the companies that is always willing to get involved with bracket racing at the highest level possible.”

Mullis Race Cars has been a household name for decades, but the company was revitalized in 2021 when Gordon obtained ownership and relocated headquarters to North Dakota. By implementing unconventional policies such as not requiring deposits to get on the waitlist and extraordinary customer service post pick-up, Mullis Race Cars continues to transform the dynamics of the chassis building industry.

Gordon appears enthusiastic when asked about the budding partnership with GallStar TV and says, “Tom is a go-getter and he’s incredibly talented. I think his brand and even his races are only going to get bigger, and I knew we had to be a part of it. We do almost everything in-house from laser cutting, machining, powder coating, and building our own composite bodies. Having Tom close enough to catch all the action was too good to pass up!”

The best way to stay up to date is by subscribing to the GallStar TV YouTube channel. You can also follow @GallStarTV on Facebook and Instagram. For more information on GallStar Bracket Races or to purchase merchandise, visit www.gallstartv.com. For media or sponsorship inquiries email tom@gallstartv.com.

For more information on Mullis Race Cars visit www.mullisracecars.com, email aj.ashe@mullisracecars.com, or call 701-491-0658 to order your new ride.

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