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Garrett Griffith Scores Ultimate 64 Win

Garrett Griffith cashed in for the $64,000 payday after defeating William Hamilton in the final round at the Ultimate 64 at Kil-Kare Raceway.

XENIA, OH – Garrett Griffith made for a very memorable trip to Kil-Kare Raceway in Xenia, Ohio after cashing in for the big $64,000 payday on Saturday. Griffith had been a regular attendee to the event, making it just that much sweeter to visit the winners circle.

The Empty Pockets team combined Saturday and Sunday’s races due to weather, making it $60,000 to win. They also added an extra $4,000 on top to make it $64,000.

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Racers traveled from all over in hopes of visiting the winners circle over the weekend. Read the race recap below for all the weekend results!

2023 Empty Pockets Promotions Ultimate 64


In the Blind Squirrel Team Shootout race, JR Lockhart, Jerry Hollingsworth, Cody McDaniel, and Josh McDaniel visited the winners circle after defeating the team of Josh Pickett, Joey Moore, Cody Knott, and Aaron Disinger, who had 2 perfect runs in 3 passes!


10K Main Event

In the $10,000 main event, Ryan Butler defeated Courtney Huff to head to the winners circle.

Matt Dadas was the semi-finalist.

Joe Barney defeated Jon Lowrey in the No-Box final round to head to the main event.

32-Door Car Shootout

Mikie Sturgill was victorious over Cameron Adkins in the final round.

Jeg Coughlin and Chelsey Huff were the semi-finalists.

32-Dragster Shootout

Brian Lampton was victorious over Adam Trauth in the final round.

Randy Leach and Chris Wallin were the semi-finalists.


64K Main Event

Garrett Griffith defeated William Hamilton, who is 74-years young, in the final round to visit the big winners circle.

Bryson Price was the semi-finalist. 

Ryan Butler defeated Shane Daugherty in the No-Box final round to head to the main event.

64-Car Shootout

Logan Back was victorious over Tristyn Strouse in the final round.

Jacob Oiler and Zach Smith were the semi-finalists.

Junior Dragsters

Jacob Leigh defeated Emma Scheuer in the final round.

Mason Brandner was the semi-finalist.

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Megan Bohannon is a 26 year old Super Comp racer from Louisville, Kentucky. She races a 2015 American Dragster with a 648 Oakley Motorsports Engine. Growing up at the racetrack, drag racing is all she has known and never plans to give up on it. Megan works with TB Promotions in promoting their races and keeping entries straight, as well as keeping their social media pages updated.

You can reach Megan on Facebook or email at megan@dragchamp.com

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