Thursday, June 13, 2024

Introducing RBR Roblox Bracket Racing

Bracket racing goes virtual with RBR Roblox Bracket Racing! Learn all about it below.

Did you know you can bracket race virtually and even race for real money? Introducing RBR Roblock Bracket Racing! RBR Roblox Bracket Racing is a virtual online bracket racing game created by Kyle Bigley, Robert Murphy Jr, Donny Algeri, and Jordan Denny. Racers can expect real money races and real race cars custom made by professional builders. RBR hosts weekly free and paid-money races. Hangout with friends in Discord and race with your buddies from the comfort of your home. Real money races have payouts ranging from $150 and higher.

RBR Roblox Bracket Racing is FREE to play and once you sign-up you will get three starter cars with an option to pay and have custom cars made, or buy second hand in marketplace.

The game was built on LUA code and is available on mobile, Xbox, and PC. You can use a gaming controller or mouse and keyboard to play. Like mentioned above, there is a growing community surrounding this and they currently have a Discord server of 1.1K members and an active Facebook group with 3.8K.

Click here to join the Discord server and here to join the Facebook Group.

Stay tuned for more to come from RBR Roblox Bracket Racing as new updates and new racetracks are being added weekly. They also have plans to host large-scale events and collaborations with well-known promoters such as Spring Fling Bracket Races. The biggest race they have had up to this point was the RBR $1K race that was live-streamed on Going Bracket Racing’s YouTube channel.

Check out their website for more information about RBR Roblox Bracket Racing.

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