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Deming Leads Winners at West Coast Classic

Eleven winners emerged from the West Coast Bracket Races 2024 Silver State Commercial Refrigeration West Coast Classic at Famoso Dragstrip.

Write-up and photos by West Coast Bracket Races

BAKERSFIELD, CA- West Coast Bracket Races held their 2024 Silver State Commercial Refrigeration West Coast Classic on May 23-26, 2024, at Famoso Dragstrip. This annual event featured a 64-car WCBR $20K Shootout, two Super Pro $10Ks, one Super Pro $20K, two Pro $5Ks, one Pro $7.5K, and a Door Car Clash $10K. Sunday also featured a $1,000-to-win Junior Dragster Invitational which was split up by three age groups.

See full event results below!

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Thursday 64 Car WCBR $20K Shootout

Day one of the Silver State Commercial Refrigeration West Coast Classic brought the on track action to life, with Test and Tune and the $20,000 Shootout. Racers were able to get dialed in for the weekend, and 55 of them dove in at the opportunity to get their hands on the $20,000 BIG Check.

With his personal car under the weather, Val Torres Jr set out for this weekends’ Classic with two simple goals. The first being able to give his daughters, Katelyn and Madelyn, their first big opportunity since wrapping up their licensing in their new to them Miller RaceCars Dragster. The second, take a shot at the $20,000 Shootout Thursday leading into his crew chief duties to make sure car is ready for the weekend. As it turns out, Val Torres Jr got it right all 6 rounds and proved once again to be one of the best in the west with his 3rd WCBR Shootout Title (2017 WCC-2021 SWSD-2024 WCC).

In the semis, Torres (Chino, CA) capitalized on Colby Fuller’s (Savannah, GA) red light and coasted to a 4.938 on a 4.64. The other semi final found former WCBR Main Event Winner Tony Marconi of Suprise, Az opposite of northwest hitter Mike Coltrin of Boise, Id. Marconi was in control out the gate with a .006 to Coltrin’s .018 but could not scrub the extra thousandth needed to be 5.949 on the 5.95 dial and Coltrin had the freight train charge on him and laid a dead one on the boards 4.421 on the 4.42 securing his shot at the $20,000 Check in his first trip to a WCBR Event.

In the final, Torres grabbed .016 advantage at the tree and never relinquished it as he crossed .006 ahead and forcing Coltrin to go under trying to chase him down. In the ticket booth, Torres took a .012 tree to a dead 8 lap with Coltrin letting go .028 and 2 thou under.

Val Torres Jr, Thursday WCBR $20K Shootout Winner

KIDD Performance & Dyno Friday Results

Kidd Performance Friday kicked off the first of this weekends’ 3 Main Events and saw plenty of familiar faces late in the day as we approached the money round. While two different paths were taken, the end result was the same as a returning Pro Champion in Chaysse Trimp and 1st Time WCBR Winner Gabe Torres cashed in!

$10K Super Pro

Gabe Torres out of La Puente, Ca has been beating on the door in WCBR Main Events and Shootouts since we started. While getting down to the last 8 cars on 6 occasions including a Runner Up in the SWSD Shootout, Torres finally sealed the deal Friday to earn his first big WCBR Check when another hot hand terrorizing the door car side of the field in Pierson Deming, Nampa, ID, turned it .006 Red and gave Torres the victory lap.

In the semis, Torres got the single and Deming flexed his aggressive style to earn his shot at the title by dropping into .003 light ahead of Will Harrison, Tracy, CA, who was .008 behind him. At the stripe Harrison trailed by .009 as he posted a 5.209 on the 5.19 dial while Deming tagged the 6.50 dial with a 6.515.

Gabe Torres, Friday $10K Super Pro Winner

$5K Pro

In our $5,000 Kidd Performance Pro Class, Chaysse Trimp Wiltan, CA, didn’t wait long to back up his Main Event Win last Fall right here at the Classic with another BIG Check and over the same opponent in Mike Agnew, Lost Hills, CA. Trimp, who started off the weekend chasing issues through Test And Tune and at one point considered calling it, found an unconventional answer to his problem and it delivered.

In the final, Trimp left room at the stripe for Agnew after leaving .002 on the tree with 4 hundredths advantage and paced through the stripe .022 ahead to be 6.628 on a 6.59 while Agnew got closer to the dial 6.091 on 6.08.

The semi finals, saw another Agnew opposite lane of Trimp with Garret in his Jr Comp Dragster trying to chase down Trimp. Trimp’s .018 advantage on the tree was enough to give him the room he needed to stay ahead and above as both drivers crossed 1 above their dials. On the other side, Mike Agnew firmed up his bid with a .005 Light next to Stan Deming, Nampa, ID, who was .020 and had zero room at the stripe as he broke about by 8 thou and Agnew was 6.095 on the 6.08.

Chaysse Trimp, Friday $5K Pro Winner

Hughes Performance Saturday Results

Hughes Performance Saturday brought two new names to the WCBR Winners Circle and both with a story that ended like only they all should.

$20K Super Pro

In Super Pro, Pierson Deming, arguably one of the most disciplined up and coming Top Bulb Racers from Nampa, ID, finally sealed the deal here for the $20,000 Big Check at Famoso after posting 2 Semis here in 2022 and a runner up last night on Kidd Performance Friday.

After being no worse than .012 on the tree all day, Deming took the solo at 3 cars pinching it .003 to earn lane choice in his second final of the weekend. On the other side, was 2 previous Main Event Winners, Dave Meziere of Escondido, CA and Robert Naber, Mira Loma, CA. Unable to disappoint, this race came down to the ten thou, as Naber threw a 4.573 down on a 4.57 leaving .012 on the tree, while Meziere having the slight advantage being .006 out the hole and then posting 4.629 on the 4.62.

In the final, Deming was behind .009 on the tree being .025 to Nabers .016 but was able to overcome the deficit and get to a 6.481 on the 6.47 to take the stripe .009 with Robert slowing to a 4.599 on a 4.57.

$7.5K Pro

In the $7,500 Pro field, First Time Winner in his career, Steve Allanach of Sacramento, CA, sandwiched his day on two .000 lights to collect the Title.

In the Semis, Allanach got the TruStart win as his – .001 Red was better than Jeff Taylor, Forest Grove, OR, who droppped it -.041 Red behind him. On the other side, Dennis Paz of Stockton, CA took advantage of a Red Light from Ron Nickels, Stockton, CA, as he turned it .021 Green and stapled a 6.584 on 6.58.

The Final left only .004 at the stripe, as Allanach was .000 perfect out the gate and 6.524 on a 6.50 with Paz nearly duplicating his previous lap being g .026 on the tree and 6.584 on the 6.58.

West Coast Classic
Steve Allanach, Saturday $7.5K Pro Winner

Saturday Night Door Car Clash $10K

Daniel McClelland, Orange-CA, has admittedly been “hard on parts” the last year or so. His dad Kevin’s recent decision to put the Davis Roadster up for sale, obviously found a little bit of push back or increased value after Saturday Evening’s $10,000 Final Round.

McClelland who earned his money round postition from the Super Pro side of the field had a tough task of closing Dennis Paz out who had already Runnered Up in the Hughes Performance Main Event only an hour and a half earlier. Daniel coupled a .020 and paced through a .02 above .009 at the stripe as Paz was .027 on the tree and .022 above his dial.

The other half of the field was arguably one of the most talented 16 car bottom bulb fields this side of the country and it trimmed to two of the absolute best to fight it out for the money round. Tony Marconi, Suprise-AZ, padded his advantage at the starting line, going .03 above to get the stripe over Sacha Hoefer, Calimesa-CA, who fought for it at the finishline but broke out by .01.

With the BIG Money on the line, McClelland slammed the door shut early, grabbing nearly .03 advantage at the tree and never relinquishing it as Marconi managed to put it Dead On 8 but still 0.012 behind giving McClelland the electricity and the Door Car Clash Title. This was McClelland’s second WCBR Shootout Championship.

West Coast Classic
Daniel McClelland, Door Car Clash $10K Winner

Meziere Enterprises Sunday Results

Meziere Enterprises Sunday wrapped up the 2024 Silver State Commercial Refrigeration West Coast Classic in grand fashion seeing one of the best bottom bulb racers in the country find both sides of the track in the final while our Super Pro Champion earned his first Big Check in his first Big Check Final.

$10K Super Pro

KJ Desa, N. Las Vegas-NV, once again found himself laying down solid laps in a WCBR Main Event, but this time it paid off as he earned lane choice in the final off his .001 on the solo at 3 cars.

On the other side, CW Hoefer, Calimesa-CA, a multiple time WCBR Main Event Winner in Pro squared off with Tanner Theobald, Washington-UT where Hoefer was able to overcome a disadvantage at the starting line to slide ahead at the stripe by .003 and be .7.436 on the 7.45 while Theobald was 4.902 on the 4.86.

In the final, Desa snagged only 3 Thou out the gate on Hoefer who was off the Bottom Bulb and unable to locate the dragster of Desa at the stripe and went under by .012. Desa kept it above, with no other choice, as the motor failed just before the 1st cone giving Desa a slight chip of luck that he has earned over the last few WCBR events where the small numbers did not fall his way.

West Coast Classic
KJ Desa, Sunday $10K Super Pro Winner

$5K Pro

On the Pro Side, Andy Schmall of Idaho Falls-ID, who was “racing out of a slump” seemed to have peaked out-drove out-and stamped out any doubt when he lit the electricity in BOTH entries in the semis, and clinching the $5,000 Main Event. With no simple task to make a perfect day, Schmall first encountered Tony Marconi, Surprise—AZ, who always is beating down good laps at the WCBR races including this weekend where he found the money on 3 different occasions. Marconi dropped it Red, while Schmall wasn’t about to leave any edge leaving .007 and paving himself an incremental run before running it back to meet Zac Eling out of Rohnert Park-CA. Eling, another young Bottom Bulb talent on the west side, was setting the tone in his pairings Sunday but unable to deny Schmall the Double when he was behind .028 to Schmall’s .008 and left no room to reclaim the round.

Another unbelievable performance for Schmall who has a Double Up Win and a Main Event Win at the Classic over the last 6 years.

West Coast Classic
Andy Schmall, Sunday $5K Pro Winner

Sunday Jr Invitational

Sunday morning the 24 Drivers got their sole Qualifying Run to set the ladder for the path to Winners Circle. Brody George-Group 1, Andrew Martin-Group 2, and Gavin Pine-Group 3 collected the $50 Number 1 Qualifier Awards leading into race day.

Group 1 6-9 Age Group

In Group 1, 6-9, Brody George capitalized all 3 Rounds with a starting line advantage and in the final, Brody stayed ahead of Makenzie Higgins in a double breakout affair.

West Coast Classic
Brody George, Group 1 Jr Invitational Winner

Group 2 10-12 Age Group

The 10-12 Group 2 Blake George laid down .031 total after leaving second with a .010 Light! The #1 Qualifier, Andrew Martin was .005 on the tree but behind at the stripe being .049 above his 9.04 dial.

West Coast Classic
Blake George, Group 2 Jr Invitational Winner

Group 3 13-17 Age Group

Group 3 hosting the “elder” 13-17 racers, found 2 familiar faces to final round action and both who are moving into big car oppprtunities. #1 Qualifier Gavin Pine drove the daylights out of the finish line to tighten up a starting line advantage to only .015 at the big end over Carlie Ball who was also competing in Pro this weekend with her Jr Comp Car.

West Coast Classic
Gavin Pine, Group 3 Jr Invitational Winner

Congratulations to all winners and finalists from the 2024 Silver State Commercial Refrigeration West Coast Classic at Famoso Dragstrip.

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