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Fire Ignites in Ferraro with Back-to-Back Fifty Grand Finals

Florida native Bailey Ferraro continues his hot streak in Alabama as he makes his way to three finals in one week. Two of those were consecutive $50K finals during the 25th Anniversary Million Dollar Race.

MONTGOMERY, AL – As the Million Dollar main event inches closer, the car counts as well as the level of competition continues to climb. Thursday’s schedule included the second of three Summit Racing Equipment Triple $50K’s where 509 eager racers staged up in round number one.

All week long racers and crew members can enjoy the perks of attending the Million Dollar Race. These include the complimentary refreshments, the Jumbotron in the staging lanes courtesy of Glenn Smith Chevrolet, the MotorManiaTV live feed presented by Vintage Trailers Ltd., as well as free water refills for any RVs on the property.

Summit Racing Equipment is also on the scene and offering 10% off any orders that are placed during the event. The 25th Anniversary of the Million Dollar Race appreciates the continued support from all of their sponsors.

summit racing at the million dollar race
Summit Racing Equipment is set up at the Million Dollar Race

No-Box Finals

The No-Box final round on Thursday was between two beasts off the bottom bulb, Nasty Nick Hastings and Kevin Pollard. Both drivers left .004 red, but when it came down to the little numbers Pollard picked up the $1,000 win. He moved on into 4th round of top bulb competition where his day was cut short by Josh Burrow.

kevin pollard million dollar race
Kevin Pollard wins the No-Box side on Thursday
Photo credit: Drag Coverage

A Dozen Contenders for $50,000

Round seven had twelve drivers dueling for Thursday’s $50K top prize. Those remaining were Bill Webb, Steve Sisko, Sean Serra, Josh Burrow, Nick Folk, Shane Maddox, Bailey Ferraro, Marie Muller, Dillon Eason, Blake Richardson, Nathan Martin, and Bryson Scruggs.

Sisko has a four thou advantage at the starting line but Burrow takes the stripe by .014 to move on. Folk is .012 total to advance beside Webb’s .019 package. Martin is .006 and takes .006 at the finish line to defeat Muller.

Ferraro lays down nine total to leave Serra’s .010 light mathematically ineligible. Eason runs dead on with a six and uses a .004 MOV to win beside Scruggs. Maddox has a seven thou advantage at the tree but is .009 behind at the finish line as Richardson runs dead on with a zero to advance.

staging lanes million dollar race
A sampling of the staging lanes
Photo credit: Drag Coverage

Cutting Down the Competition

In the quarterfinals, Nick Folk lets go .008 but runs .005 under his dial in, while Dillon Eason is only under by one thousandth to turn on the win light. Nathan Martin leaves .005 red advancing Bailey Ferraro into the semifinal who was .004 green. Josh Burrow is .022 total to lock out Blake Richardson who breaks out by eight thousandths.

Ferraro’s .004 reaction time earns him the bye run into his second consecutive $50,000 final round. On the solo pass, he lets go .000 and coasts through the finish line. Eason and Burrow have identical .014 reaction times and both run one above their dial ins. Burrow takes the stripe by .005 to reach the finals.

glynn smith chevrolet jumbotron
Racers were able to enjoy the action by watching the Jumbotron in staging lanes

Thursday’s $50K Final

Would Thursday’s Champion continue the domination of door cars with Josh Burrow in his Chevy S-10? Or would Wednesday’s runner up Bailey Ferraro turn on one more win light to collect $50,000 in his dragster? As the burnout smoke clears, both drivers light the stage beams and get ready for battle.

Ferraro wasn’t .00 like five of his previous rounds, but he still had the reaction time advantage over Burrow. Burrow runs dead on with a two but is seven thousandths behind at the stripe to settle for runner up. Bailey Ferraro turns on the win light for $50,000.

bailey ferraro thursday 50k winner million dollar race
Bailey Ferraro wins $50,000 on Thursday

As he is still trying to process what just happened, Ferraro says, “This win feels unreal and it’s hard to believe right now…I honestly couldn’t believe my win-light came on, I had to look at the timeslip a couple of times. I’ve had a rough two months of racing and wasn’t sure when things were going to turn around, so this win feels really good. I couldn’t do it without my Dad and the McCarty family. I can’t thank them enough.”

josh burrow thursday 50k runner up million dollar race
Josh Burrow is the runner up in Thursday’s $50K

Up Next: Mickey Thompson Performance Tires and Wheels Million Dollar Friday

The 25th winner of the Million Dollar Race will be crowned on Friday when eliminations begin after the one and only time trial. All previous Million Dollar Race winners that are in attendance will be recognized during the Hall of Fame prior to first round.

The winners won’t be the only ones celebrating as Laris Motorsports Insurance will be hosting the Racer Appreciation Party Friday night. Everyone will be treated like a king (or queen) with a complimentary steak dinner, drinks, music, and fireworks show.

As always you can catch the action live on MotorManiaTV thanks to Vintage Trailers, Ltd sponsorship this year. You can also check out the Million Dollar Race Facebook page for updates.

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Jessica was born into a family of drag racers and fell in love with the sport at a young age. She began competing at 13 and has been hooked ever since! She even met her husband at the World Footbrake Challenge VII. Jessica works full time as an Ultrasound Technologist but spends almost every weekend chasing win lights at IHRA and NHRA bracket races.

You can contact her at Jessica@dragchamp.com or on her Facebook page.

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