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Turkey Beach Bash Leaves Racers With Stuffed Pockets

The Turkey Beach Bash closes with Johnny Ezell, Thomas Holley, and Cole Cousins cashing in on the biggest checks. Bottom bulb racers Rick Baehr and Terrell Singleton also stand out this weekend.

Feature photo credit: Cathy Leachman

GULFPORT, MS – The 2nd Annual Turkey Beach Bash was held at Gulfport Dragway Nov. 13-15, 2020. This three-day event is part of the BTE King of the Coast series presented by David McMurtry Racing Engines.

2020’s Turkey Beach Bash featured $10K to win on Friday and Sunday, as well as a $25,000 top prize on Saturday. Only a limited number of entries (250 top bulb, 48 bottom bulb) were sold and drivers were entered in all the races for only $299.

The bottom bulb racers competed separately until the winner was awarded a cash bonus and advanced into the top bulb side. A perfect combination of fabulous weather, a packed house, and big money on the line made an amazing event.

staging lanes KOC turkey beach bash
The staging lanes were always full during the Turkey Beach Bash

Friday Bottom Bulb Results

The last two bottom bulb drivers on Friday were Rick Baehr and Tarrell Singleton. Baehr turned on the win light to collect the $500 bonus and move into the semifinals of the $10,000 main event.

Rick Baehr friday bottom bulb winner and main event semifinalists
Rick Baehr claims a $500 bonus for winning bottom bulb on Friday

Friday’s $10,000 Main Event

After Baehr was determined to be Friday’s best off the bottom, he joined Johnny Ezell and Kholten Fuller in the semifinals of top. Baehr’s Friday streak comes to an end, leaving the final round matchup of Ezell and Fuller.

Johnny Bracket Racer Ezell picks up the $10K win over Kholten Fuller.

Johnny Ezell friday 10k winner KOC
Johnny Ezell wins $10,000 on Friday at the Turkey Beach Bash
Kholten Fuller friday 10k runner up KOC
Kholten Fuller is Friday’s $10K runner up

Saturday Bottom Bulb Results

Saturday’s semifinal had three entries but only two drivers, Nasty Nick Hastings had two entries and Rick Baehr had one. Baehr defeats Hastings twice in a row to collect Saturday’s $1,000 bottom bulb bonus.

Rick Baehr continues to collect big checks
nick hastings bottom bulb runner up
Nasty Nick Hastings is the bottom bulb runner up and semifinalist on Saturday
Photo credit: Drag Coverage

Saturday’s $25,000 Main Event

The four racers remaining in the fight for $25K were Rick Baehr, Slate Cummings, Thomas Holley, and Brad Clarke.

Clarke and Cummings bow out in the semifinals, creating a third generation Camaro showdown in the finals. Rick Baehr suffers transmission troubles after the burnout and stages in hope of a red light – which Holley doesn’t deliver.

Thomas Holley rolls into the winners circle and collects $25,000.

Thomas Holley saturday 25k winner KOC
Thomas Holley earns a $25,000 payday on Saturday at the Turkey Beach Bash
Rick Baehr saturday 25k runner up and bottom bulb winner
Rick Baehr wins the bottom bulb $1,000 bonus and is runner up in the main event on Saturday

Sunday’s Bottom Bulb Finals

Tarrell Singleton picks up the last bottom bulb bonus, $500, on Sunday and moves on into the main event.

Terell Singleton sunday bottom bulb winner & semifinalist
Tarrell Singleton wins bottom bulb on Sunday and picks up $500

Sunday’s $10,000 Main Event

Chalk another big money bracket race win to the Chevy door cars! Cole Cousins picks up the $10K win on Sunday over Jesse Marceaux. Bottom bulb racer, Tarrell Singleton, was the lone semifinalist.

Cole Cousins sunday 10k winner KOC
Cole Cousins wins $10,000 on Sunday at the Turkey Beach Bash
Jesse Marceaux sunday 10k runner up KOC
Jesse Marceaux is Sunday’s $10K runner up

A Word From The Promoter’s Booth

BTE King of the Coast event promoter, Gaylon Rolison Jr, stays focused on the racers and making sure everyone enjoys themselves. He expresses his appreciation by saying, “First and most importantly, a huge thank you to all the racers and racing families that participated in the second annual event. The KOC Series always recognizes racers as more than racers. Racers are customers and the KOC puts effort into placing emphasis on enhancing the racing experience. Thank you again!”

He extends thanks to the staff of Gulfport Dragway and the KOC Series Staff for working long hours to make a successful event. Rolison also acknowledges the support from the KOC Series sponsors.

staging lanes KOC turkey beach bash2 - cathy leachman photo
Turkey Beach Bash
Photo credit: Cathy Leachman

The KOC Isn’t Over Just Yet

The BTE King of the Coast Series’ 2020 season finisher is on the schedule for Dec. 4-6 at Gulfport Dragway. The Tournament of Champions will be contested in all classes and Saturday’s Junior Dragster winners will earn five-foot tall trophies.

Racers can help those less fortunate by participating in the King of the Coast Toy Drive. You can find the event flyer and updated information on their Facebook page.

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