The DragChamp Show with Bailey Ferraro

Bailey Ferraro, fresh off a wild week at the Million, joins the show to discuss his back-to-back $50K finals, crashing roadsters, racing with the McCarty’s, and more. Click below to listen to the DragChamp Show!

Bailey Ferraro, who enjoyed a wildly successful week in Montgomery at the Million, joins the show this week to talk big money bracket racing.  Less than a week removed from his back-to-back $50K finals, Bailey called in from South Georgia Motorsports Park to recap his Million week. 

“I was hitting the bump down past the 60ft clocks” – Bailey discussing a run where he bumped down to a .028 light, hit the giggle juice and forced his opponent to go .003 under.

During the conversation we learned where the FUG nickname came from, what it’s like working for Bug McCarty, who’s the better driver between Caraline and Tripp McCarty, crashing roadsters in Bristol, and racing at Immokalee, his home track. 

After the interview, the boys wrap up the Million and kick around their plans for the next few weeks.

Bailey Ferraro wins $50,000 at the Million Dollar Drag Race!


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