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Galot Holds First 2022 $5K Summit ET Weekend

Sasser, Pleasant, Green, Stewart, Groat, and Kerby all claimed wins in the weekend opener of the 2022 Galot Motorsports Park Summit ET $5K Points Bracket Races.

DUNN, NC- Earlier this month, Galot Motorsports Park held their first Summit ET Point Bracket race weekend of the year on March 4-6, 2022. The event featured two-days of $5K-to-win Top ET, Footbrake, and Junior Dragster classes. With over 300 entries, the team at Galot worked hard to keep the event moving and it was a success.

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Saturday Race #1 Results

Onslow Grading and Paving $5K Top ET

In Onslow Grading and Paving Top ET, Niquez Albritton came to the line in the semis against Marty Dabney. Quez dialed 6.31 and Marty dialed 4.95. Dabney was .016 on the tree and Albritton, well, we’ll just say he wasn’t. (Quez did run dead on with a 2) Marty Dabney runs the better package and heads to the final round. In the second semi, Trey Sasser lined up next to Robert Richardson. Trey dialed 6.61 and Robert dialed 5.84. This one was over before it began, as Richardson went red by .007. Sasser kept it green and heads to the final round.

In the final round, Trey Sasser dialed 6.61 and Marty Dabney dialed 4.97. Sasser goes .024 on the tree and runs dead on with an 8. Dabney goes .012 on the tree and can’t quite run the number, taking it out the back end in 5.010. The better package and win on Saturday went to Trey Sasser.

Trey Sasser, Saturday Top ET Winner


In the first semi-final for Footbrake, Perry Green took an easy pass into the final round when his opponent turned the red light on by .004. Perry kept it green for the semi win. In the second semi, Bryce Pittman found himself facing off with defending track champion, Lauren Edwards. Bryce dialed 7.04 and Lauren a 6.40. Lauren was .097 on the hit, and Bryce was .010. Pittman used this advantage to run 7.10. Edwards ran 6.43, but it just wasn’t enough to get the smaller package. Bryce Pittman punches his ticket to the final round.

In the final round, Perry Green dialed 7.10 and Bryce Pittman put up 7.03. Green took a .028 advantage at the tree and ran 2 numbers above his dial. Pittman couldn’t get down to his dial, giving the smaller package and Footbrake win to Perry Green.

2022 galot
Perry Green, Saturday Footbrake Winner

Dynamite Trailer Sales Junior Dragster

In Dynamite Trailer Sales Junior Dragster action, Bryson McArthur came to the line against Hunter Groat. Bryson dialed 9.49 and Hunter put up a 8.04. Bryson took a .013 second advantage at the starting line, but couldn’t quite run the number, running it out the back end at 9.553. Hunter ran 8.050, giving him the smaller overall package and the semi-final win. McKenzie Hogan got the bye into the final round, thanks to her reaction time in the quarterfinals.

In the final, Hunter dialed up 8.03 and McKenzie dialed 8.90. Hunter found himself a little behind again, being .017 seconds slower on the tree. He ran dead on with a 1, while McKenzie found herself 3 numbers too slow, giving the win over to Hunter Groat.

2022 galot
Hunter Groat, Saturday Jr. Dragster Winner

Sunday Race #2 Results

Onslow Grading and Paving $5K Top ET

Onslow Grading and Paving Top ET was the final class for the evening, and the first semi featured Michelle Pelo and Connor Caulder. Connor dialed 4.74 in his dragster against Michelle and her 6.43 in the ’67 Camaro. Caulder had a .035 reaction time and ran 4.751. Pelo had a .005 light and ran 6.439, giving her a total package of .014, making Connor mathematically ineligible. Michelle Pelo heads to the final.

In the second semi, Rodney Pleasant brought his ’72 Nova to the line against the Cavalier of Eric Aman. Pleasant dialed 7.21 and Aman dialed 5.21. Rodney took a .015 advantage at the starting line and 7.251, while Eric ran 5.240. Rodney Pleasant takes the smaller package and headed to the final round.

In the final, Rodney dialed 7.22 and Michelle posted a 6.43. Michelle took a baby starting line advantage, but had trouble running her number, making the trip in 6.472. Rodney ran 7.249, giving him the better package overall and the win in Top ET for Sunday.

2022 galot
Rodney Pleasant, Sunday Top ET Winner


In Footbrake action, Robby Stewart came to the semis in his wheel standing ’65 Corvette against Richard Alford, Jr. in his ’71 Chevelle. Stewart dialed 6.00 and Alford dialed 6.13. This one was over at the tree, as Richard Alford turned on the red light by .009, sending Robby Stewart to the final round against the ’78 Volare wagon of Jonathon McCandless, who was on the bye to the final round.

In the final, Stewart dialed 5.98 and McCandless a 6.88. Jonathon McCandless had a reaction time of .042 and ran 6.901 on his dial. Robby Stewart took the tree at .010 and used the advantage to run 6.028 for the better package and the win in Footbrake.

2022 galot
Robby Stewart, Sunday Footbrake Winner

Dynamite Trailers Junior Dragster

In Dynamite Trailers Junior Dragsters. Justin Kerby and Bryson McArthur faced off in the first semi. Kerby dialed 7.90 and McArthur dialed 9.40. Bryson took the tree with a reaction time of .092 and ran 9.455. Kerby got off the line a little better with a .061 light and made the trip in 7.972 seconds, giving him the smaller package and a trip to the final round against Lane Morgan, who got the bye to the finals.

In the final round, Justin Kerby dialed 7.93 against Lane Morgan’s 8.74. Justin took a .013 advantage at the tree and ran 7.969. Lane ran 8.798, which gave Justin Kerby the better package and the win for today.

Justin Kerby, Sunday Junior Dragster Winner

Words from Galot Motorsports Park

We would like to recognize Cometic Gasket, Inc for posting $500 in bonus gift certificates. The winner and runner up in Top, Footbrake, and Junior all received a portion of these dollars. Thank you to Cometic, the Official Gasket of GALOT!

GALOT Motorsports Park would like to thank everyone that came out to be with us this weekend and make these 2 races a success. The management would also like to thank all of the staff for their hard work over the past few days to keep things rolling along. Also, thank you to the spectators and sponsors that support us doing what we love to do, and that is DRAG RACING!!!! Congratulations to all of our winners this weekend!

Congratulations to all winners and runner-ups from the first 2022 $5K Summit ET weekend at Galot Motorsports Park. The next Summit ET weekend will be April 1-3, 2022.

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