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Fahnestock, Robb Sweep the Weekend at the Grove

Maple Grove Raceway – Reading, Pa: The Mid Atlantic .90 Association kicked off it’s 2022 season in fine style at Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, Pa. A stout field of Division 1’s finest showed up to battle it out for the North vs. South trophy at days end. This year president Rob Keister & vice-president Dana Leone took on additional responsibility as they added Junior Dragsters & The Top Challenge series to their already growing resume to offer even more racing for those on the east coast.

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Saturday – Race # 1

On Saturday, track temperatures in the 120+ degree range had everyone searching for shade and comfort by days end but, it was a pair of locals and a newbie to the .90 world that would be sitting pretty at days end.

Super Gas – Local racer Kevin Robb took his A-1 Motorsports 63 Corvette to victory in Super Gas over New York’s George Stacks Monte Carlo. Stack got the hole shot at the tree (.037 to .066) but, was not able to run the number giving it back to Robb at the finish line 9.916 to a losing 9.973. 

Super Comp – The other local racer was Chase Fahnestock out of Hummelstown. Fahnestock, who has had remarkable success at the Reading, Pa track would lay down an 8 thousandth package in the final to John Martin from New Jersey. Martin was no slouch at a .011 light but, the .006 & 8.902 package that Fahnestock put up made Martin Mathematically ineligible. 

Super Street – The first-time victor came in a battle of Atco Dragway Saturday Night bracket racers as Dave Nahill from Delran, NJ took down Dom Burgese from Williamstown, NJ. Nahill hit the tree with a .002 and never looked back as he paced himself to a 10.927 to a breakout 10.892 victory over Burgese for his first victory in only his fifth 10.90 event. 

Juniors– In the Junior Dragsters class sponsored by Josh Graham and Eastern Raider Motorsports it was a battle of third generation drivers in the finals as Madison Schonberger took her first victory in the junior class over Aleiya DePascale. Schonberger took the victory with a ,018 light and a two over the 7.90 dial for her first victory in the class. 

Quick Challenge – The quick Challenge series lived up to hype as Mark Kelley took his second victory of the season over Maple Grove regular Chris Camplone. Kelley got the jump on the line (.011 to .022) and ran a 7.451 on his 7.43 dial to take the victory when Camplone could not run the number on his 7.39 dial-in. In Top Sportsman, the reigning champion Ron Riegel took his Camaro to victory over Brick, NJ Mike Grafas Corvette. Riegel got the jump (.002 to .032) and did not look back as he ran a 6.97 on his 6.94 dial in as Grafas was five over his dial for the loss. 

Super & Pro – A special Super Pro & Pro event were placed onto the schedule to give the Maple Grove regulars a week of racing for non-points during a long break. The event was run at the 1/8-mile distance for those to practice for the Bracket finals in a few months. In Super, Tom Hoosigan drove to a victory over Rick Terkowski in a battle of dragsters. Tom was .013 on the tree and 1 over his 4.98 dial to take the victory over Terkowski’s 28 thousandths package. In Pro it was Ray Thurston IV taking his Barracuda to victory over Steve Long’s mustang, both drivers were even on the tree but, Ray took the double breakout victory as he was one under his 6.37 dial. 

Sunday – Race # 2

The heat did not let up on the staff and drivers on Sunday as another muggy day welcomed the drivers at the PA Facility. In a repeat of Saturday’s events both Kevin Robb and Chase Fahnestock found their way to the final round yet again looking for the elusive double up over the weekend. 

Super Gas– First up was Robb, as he once again wheeled the A-1 Motorsports Corvette to the final round this time matching up against another Maple Grove regular and Jake Barbato. This time the final was decided at the tree as Barbato pushed it a little too hard going -.009 red handing the victory to Robb.

Super Comp– Looking to join him again in the winner circle was Fahnestock, the only thing standing in the way was Rich Leone. Fahnestock & Leone were dead even on the tree (Both .012) but, Fahnestock took the double breakout victory with a 8.895 to 8.883 victory.

Super Street – In Super Street it was Jay Neville taking his first victory in over  years in his Deguara & Neville Camaro. In the final Tommy Muller was looking to stop him in his 57 Chevy. Muller got the jump at the start (.031 to .046) but, broke out with a 10.894 as Neville followed him through to a 10.947 victory. 

Juniors– In Sunday’s portion of the Junior Dragster race, it was Mike Antonette carrying on the family name as he took down Alfonse Magliocco in the final. Magliocco had the advantage at the starting line (.039 to .072) but, could not run the 8.90 dial in as he gave the win to Antonette who went 9.074 on the 9.05 dial in. 

Quick Challenge – In quick challenge Rick Terkowski stopped the win streak of Mark Kelley at 10 rounds as he laid down a sixteen thousandths package with a .002 light and a 7.534 on the 7.52 dial. In Top Sportsman, Mike Grafas got redemption from his runner-up on Saturday as his took his Corvette to victory when Joe Saluta went -.024 red in the final. This was Mike’s first win since coming over and starting Top Sportsman this season.

Super & Pro – The final two categories were once again another special Super Pro & Pro event for the bracket regulars. In Super it was a door car taking the victory was New York’s Bob Gloria took his 1971 Duster to victory over Chris Camplone who had to settle for his second runner-up of the weekend. Gloria laid down a ten thou package in the final with a .010 light and a dead on the dial of a 5.650. Rounding out the weekend it was a family affair after seeing his brother Kevin win in Super Gas, Paul Thimm Jr. took his 1975 Vega to victory over Ed Racis in a double breakout race. Thimm had the advantage at the tree (.028 to .043) and took the 5.923 on the 5.93 victory when Racis went 2 under his 6.12 predicted ET.

The next stop for the .90 crew is in 3 weeks at Cecil County Dragway on July 16th & 17th and the Quick Challenge will run 1 event as part of the Super Chevy event on July 22nd to 24th. For more information you can reach out to Rob Keister at BKSG1198@gmail.com.   


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