DragChamp Top 10 List – 11/18/20 Edition

Slick Rick Baehr goes off in Gulfport, Ernie Humes runs himself in the final, Serra and Holley each cash for $25 large. Find it all in the The DragChamp Top 10 List!

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DragChamp Top 10 List – 11/18/20

1 – Slick Rick Baehr

Rick Baehr saturday 25k runner up and bottom bulb winner

Slick Rick Baehr tops the List once again after a great outing at the BTE King of the Coast Turkey Beach Bash. Baehr kicked off the weekend winning the No-Box class on Friday and Saturday. He carried that momentum to a semifinal finish in Friday’s $10K and a runner-up in Saturday’s $25K race. In addition, Baehr stopped Nasty Nick Hastings in back-to-back rounds in the No-Box class on Saturday.

2 – Ernie Humes

footbrake nationals

Ernie Humes did what Ernie Humes has never done and that’s run himself in the finals. Racing at the Farm, EH3 took home the winner and runner-up checks in the No-Box class on Saturday.

3 (tie) – Jeff Serra

Hot off of his victory at the Guaranteed Million in Memphis, Jeff Serra rolled to a $25,000 payday at the Immokalee Winter Warm-up! Click here to listen to our podcast with Jeff.

3 (tie) – Thomas Holley

Thomas Holley saturday 25k winner KOC
Photo by J. Denise Spink

In a final round battle of small-tire third gen Camaro’s, Thomas Holley pulled off the $25K victory over Rick Baehr at the KOC Turkey Beach Bash.

4 – Mike Ledford

Mike Ledford locks down the four spot this week after driving his S-Dime to at $10,000 payday at Immokalee. He also added a runner-up finish to cap off a big weekend.

5 thru 10 – Pick’em

We had a large number of $10,000 winners this week. Instead of trying to rank each of them, we just threw them all together in spots five thru ten!

Gage Burch

Gage Burch rode wheelies in a borrowed racecar to a $10,000 No Box win in Immokalee. After rain washed out the two $5K’s last weekend, Burch picked up the combined race win at the Winter Warm-up.

Cole Cousins sunday 10k winner KOC
Cole Cousins wins $10,000 Sunday at the Turkey Beach Bash

Cole Cousins parked his beautiful Chevy II in the $10K winners circle at Gulport on Sunday!

Johnny Ezell friday 10k winner KOC

JBR grabbed his second $10K in the last couple of weeks after winning at the Halloween Triple Tens and again on Friday at the KOC Turkey Beach Bash.

Bug McCarty

Bug McCarty took home a popular $10K victory at Immokalee over the weekend. McCarty drove his tuned-up wheelstanding Calais to the win.

Chris Cadle parked his dragster in the Immokalee winner’s circle collecting a $10,000 payday in the process.

Glenn Scaggs rounded out the $10K winners in Immokalee wheeling his roadster to the big win.

Shout Outs

Red-hot Kyle Cultrera continued his recent streak winning $5K at VMP.

fall et challenge

Terrell Singleton enjoyed a great weekend in Gulfport after winning No-Box on Sunday while also racing to a semifinal finish in the $10K. Singleton also was runner-up in the Friday No-Box final to Rick Baehr.

Terell Singleton sunday bottom bulb winner & semifinalist

Dennis Paz, Randy Cloud, and Andrew Olson all posted big wins at Sacramento Raceway Park. Paz took home the $3K Bottom Bulb victory, Cloud won $2K off the Top, and Olson won the $3K 32-Car no time slip shootout!

Dennis Paz
Randy Cloud
Andrew Olson

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