Racers Go for Gold During the Loose Rocker Summit St. Patrick’s 300

Doug Foley Jr. claims the largest payout in Loose Rocker history during the Summit St. Patrick’s 300 at GALOT Motorsports Park.

DUNN, NC – Instead of four-leaf clovers, racers went searching for cash at GALOT Motorsports Park over the weekend during Loose Rocker Promotions’ Summit St. Patrick’s 300. As implied by the name, this event was originally scheduled for March but had to be postponed due to weather.

The Summit St. Patrick’s 300 kicked off on Tuesday and had crowned six winners by the time the dust settled on Saturday night. This was the first “mega race” for Loose Rocker but they put their own twist on the traditional format by awarding substantial round money on top of the high payouts. By turning on a win light third round of any main event, you would be paid more than the entry for that day!

MotorManiaTV was on site to livestream the action courtesy of Racer Tees and Hot Shot’s Secret. The temperature was hot, but the competition was on fire with multiple perfect runs, tight packages, and stellar finish line skills.

Talented racers would test their luck as they tried to cash in during the St. Patrick’s 300.

loose rocker trophies
Winners would take home the Loose Rocker eagle trophies along with cash!

Tuesday Old School Warm Up Race Results

Tuesday featured the Old School Warmup Race where the winner would take home $10,000 and an entry into Friday’s $300K main event, while the runner up earned $3,000. The first semifinal of the weekend came down to TG Paschal, Cody McDaniel, Blane Parrish, and Bob Murphy, Jr.

Both drivers ran dead on their dial ins, but Murphy’s .011 total package left McDaniel’s .016 light mathematically ineligible. In the other pairing, Paschal was also packaged up when Parrish was .017 and dead on with a seven for the win.

In the final, only 1 thou separated the reaction times and both drivers throttle their way to be two above their dial ins. Murphy gets to the stripe by .002 to take the $10,000 win over Parrish.

Bob Murphy tuesday warm up winner
Bob Murphy Jr. collects $10K on Tuesday
Blane Parrish tuesday warm up runner up
Blane Parrish

Wednesday $40K Results

Four well-known racers remained eligible for the first $40K of the weekend: Gary Williams, Jeff Serra, Gage Burch, and Chad Axford.

Axford had an 8 thou starting line advantage, but Serra gets to the finish line first using a .003 margin of victory to move on. Williams advances over Burch during a double breakout race to advance into Wednesday’s final round.

Both finalists have grown accustomed to big money final rounds, but it’s impressive to note that it’s only been four days since Serra picked up a $75K win last Saturday.

The race was over at the starting line when Serra goes .003 red, but Williams lets go .000 to earn his $40K with style.

Gary Williams close up
Gary Williams earns $40K on Wednesday
Jeff Serra wednesday runner up
Jeff Serra

Thursday $40K Results

Two dragsters and two door cars earned their way into Thursday’s semifinal.

Chris Dixon is .002 red to advance Lester Adkins who was .008 green and 2 thou under the dial. Jeff Serra is .005 total to take out Nasty Nick Hastings which makes it an all dragster final.

In the final, Serra had 7 thou advantage but gets behind .002 at the stripe beside Adkins, who runs dead on with a nine to claim the $40,000 win.

Lester Adkins thursday 40k winner
Lester Adkins win $40K on Thursday
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography
jeff serra
Jeff Serra earns his second consecutive runner up on Thursday

Thursday Racer Appreciation Shootout

Thursday featured a Racer Appreciation Shootout for those drivers who paid their pre-entry deposits before February 10th. This free entry shootout would pay $5,000 to win, $1,200 to the runner up, $600 in the semifinal, and $100 round money starting with a third round win!

By round six, the 69 entries had dwindled down to three. Shawn Carpenter lays down 5 total to defeat Jeremy Hancock’s .014 light. Chris Gulitti earned the bye run, making it a door car versus dragster final.

It was all over at the starting line when Carpenter lets go .001 red while Gulitti is .008 green to pick up $5K.

Chris Gulitti thursday racer appreciatiojn 5k winner
Chris Gulitti wins the $5K Racer Appreciation Shootout on Thursday
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography
Shawn Carpenter thursday 5k runner up
Shawn Carpenter
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography

Friday $300K Main Event Results

Seventh round of Friday’s $300,000 main event came down to seven entries but only six drivers; TG Paschal, Will Holloman, John Labbous, Randy Sessoms, Kyle Cultrera, and Doug Foley Jr., who was still doubled.

Foley had the bye with one entry which guaranteed a spot in the semifinal. Paschal put an end to the double-up dreams with a .009 MOV over Foley’s second entry. Cultrera eliminated Holloman during a double breakout race while Sessoms took the win over Labbous with a .004 MOV.

Both semifinal pairings have a similar rundown. Paschal and Sessoms both have a 6 thou starting line advantage over their respective opponents, but take a little too much stripe to breakout. Foley gets the win over Paschal while Cultrera wins over Sessoms in order to meet each other in the six-figure final round.

TG Paschal and Randy Sessoms, each driving a Chevrolet Nova, during Friday’s semifinal

Doug Foley Jr. was fresh off a $30K win last week at Virginia Motorsports Park and stages up next to Kyle Cultrera, who picked up a $10K win earlier this season.

Foley makes it two wins in a row when he lays down .006 total, leaving Cultrera’s .017 light mathematically ineligible, to pick up the St. Patrick’s 300 victory!

Lester Adkins thursday 40k winner
Doug Foley Jr. celebrates winning the St. Patrick’s 300 on Friday
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography
Kyle Cultrera
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography

Saturday $40K Results

As the final day neared conclusion, only four drivers were still fighting for $40K; Cory Gulitti, Brandon Jarrell, Chris Gulitti, and Holden Dial.

Chris Gulitti puts together a .020 pack to turn on the win light beside Jarrell, who was .018 but breaks out 2 thousandths.

The younger Gulitti, Cory, lets go.004 red to come up just short of a father-son final round. In the opposite lane, Dial was .008 green and runs dead on with a three to advance.

In the final, Dial is .008 for the third hit in a row and runs .015 above the dial to earn the $40,000 win. Gulitti was .015 and runs .019 above to put him 11 thou behind for the runner up.

Holden Dial saturday 40k winner
Holden Dial wins the final $40K on Saturday
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography
Chris Gulitti saturday 40k runner up St. Patrick's 300
Chris Gulitti
Photo credit: Chip Bralley Photography

Calling Footbrake to the Staging Lanes

There are still three events on the Loose Rocker Promotions schedule and the next one is for the bottom bulb crowd! The Colonial Footbrake Triple 10’s is August 6-8 at Piedmont Dragway.

This is a footbrake only event where drivers will pay $300 at the gate to race for three $10,000 paydays. You can visit the Loose Rocker website for more information.

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Jessica was born into a family of drag racers and fell in love with the sport at a young age. She began competing at 13 and has been hooked ever since! She even met her husband at the World Footbrake Challenge VII. Jessica works full time as an Ultrasound Technologist but spends almost every weekend chasing win lights at IHRA and NHRA bracket races.

You can contact her at Jessica@dragchamp.com or on her Facebook page.

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