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Blinson Wins $21K at Galot’s Blackjack Double Down Shootout

Randall Blinson and Tommy Plott captured wins at the Blackjack Double Down Shootout at Galot Motorsports Park on March 22-23, 2022.

Photos Courtesy of Galot Motorsports Park

DUNN, NC- Galot Motorsports Park held its Blackjack Double Down $21K Shootout on March 22-23, 2022. The event featured a $5K Gamblers Race on Friday night and the $21K Main Event Shootout on Saturday. With 75 entries on Friday and 235 on Saturday, just two winners emerged from the event: Tommy Plott & Randall Blinson. See full results below!

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$5K Gamblers Race

In Friday’s Gamblers Race, Michael Spencer and Tommy Plott faced off for the win. Plott was dialed a 4.65 against Spencer’s 4.32. Only .005 separated them at the tree, and at the big end, both drivers broke out by running under their dial-ins. Tommy Plott was the closest to his dial, being only .001 under, while Spencer was .008 under. Plott picked up the double break out win and took home the $5K Gamblers Race big check.

Tommy Plott Blackjack
Tommy Plott, $5K Gamblers Race Winner

Blackjack $21,000 Shootout

In Saturday’s Blackjack $21K Main Event Shootout, Randall Blinson and Dink Holmes squared off to see who would capture the win. In the final round, Blinson claimed the win and the $21K by driving to victory over Holmes.

Randall Blinson Blackjack Double Down
Randall Blinson, Blackjack $21K Shootout Winner
Dink Holmes Double Down
Dink Holmes, Blackjack $21K Shootout Runner-up

Congratulations to all winners and finalists from Galot Motorsports Park’s Blackjack Double Down Shootout.

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