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DragChamp May 2022 Jr. Racer of the Month

Gavin Whisnant is the DragChamp May Jr. Racer of the Month after winning four of five final rounds during the month

MAY 2022 – It’s time to announce our May Jr. Racer of the Month. Thanks to the support of great companies like Laris Motorsports Insurance, Travis Theobald at Theobald Motorsports, and Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance we’re able to provide increased recognition for the top Jr. racers in the country.

After an in-depth review of the Laris Motorsports Insurance Jr. Racer Top 10 Lists from May, we selected the top performers for the month. The Jr. Racer of the Month gets bragging rights and a sample package from Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance.

Find the full May 2022 recap and Jr. Racer of the Month below.


Before we get into the finalist and the actual Jr. Racer of the Month winner, let’s look back at some standout performances from May.

As usual, the Jr. Racer Top 10 List highlighted a number of great performances during the month. Notables included Team Rachford and their Great American Dream Team victory at Holly Springs. The team consisted of Gage Rachford, Jesse Fritts, Tanner Spires, Hunter Davis, and Jesse Lasik. This was the second straight Dream Team victory for Team Rachford!

Maddi Gordon doubled up at the NHRA Division 7 race in Tucson to kick off the month. Kane Kern doubled at State Capitol Raceway the following week to lead the Jr. Racer Top 10 List.

Other notables included Colin Songas who won three times in two weeks at Grove Creek and Brainerd International Raceway. Braden Todd grabbed headlines after racing to six straight final rounds appearances during the month. Paul Stalba and Travis Paquin both strung together three straight wins during the month of May to earn Top 10 spots. Hunter McGary, aka Waterboy, won twice in three finals over a four week span to secure a Top 10 spot.

Top Contenders

#5 – Grace Varner continues to have a stellar season with wins coming on a weekly basis. During the month of May, Grace won on three consecutive weekends including the Dream Team Gamblers race to land on the Top 10 List twice during the month.

#4 – Will Willard made a run at the April Race of the Month title ultimately finishing third. He continued his winning ways in May where he won at the Farm and followed with a double up at Elk Creek to secure the four spot this month.

#3 – Gage Blevens lands in the three spot this month after making five straight final round appearances. He also collected wins at the Working Man’s $10 Grands and the TB Promotions 50K.

#2 – Kylie Mocny came oh so close to winning the Racer of the Month title. The Florida based racer doubled up on back-to-back weekends at Bradenton and Rockingham to land in the two spot for the month!

May Jr. Racer of the Month

#1 – Gavin Whisnant is your May Jr. Racer of the Month after making five finals in three weeks and winning four of the five! After making three final round appearances and winning twice earlier in the month, Gavin finished strong with a double at Rockingham. His strong showings throughout the month solidified the title.

Congratulations to Gavin on a great month of racing and for winning the DragChamp Jr. Racer of the Month award presented by Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance and Theobald Motorsports!

How the winner is determined: The DragChamp Jr. Racer of the Month award is presented to the racer that makes the biggest impact on the Jr. Racer Top 10 List during the month.  To be considered for the Jr. Racer of the Month title, a racer must make at least one Top 10 appearance during the month.  At the end of the month, we review the weekly Top 10 lists and select the racer that made the most significant impact on the list. The winner will receive a sample pack of fuel fragrances from Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance.

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