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DragChamp 2020 Top Bulb Top 10 List

Hunny Wayne is your DragChamp 2020 Top Bulb Racer of the Year, Jeff Serra and Steve Sisko finish second and third respectively. Find it all in the DragChamp 2020 Top Bulb Top 10 List!

01/20/21 – Welcome to the DragChamp 2020 Top Bulb Top 10 List presented by Laris Motorsports Insurance. This week we continue our 2020 season ending Top 10 Lists with a focus on the top bulb bracket class. We compiled the best performers of the season and selected our Racer of the Year. See the full Top 10 List below.

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DragChamp 2020 Top Bulb Top 10 List

1 – Hunter Patton

photo by Lou Crouch

Hunter Patton, aka Hunny Wayne, enjoyed one of the most successful seasons in bracket racing history in 2020. Patton’s was so dominate, not even a worldwide pandemic could slow him down. Hunny Wayne began the season with a $50,000 win at the Southern Big Buck Nationals in Belle Rose, La. He then won a $50K and was runner-up in a $50K at the SFG 350 at Cedar Falls, Iowa.

In early May, after a brief shutdown in racing due to the pandemic, Hunter outlasted hundreds of racers to win on back-to-back nights at the Ardmore Windmill Nationals. His impressive continued at the Spring Fling Galot, the Ace Fall Slam, and many more big money bracket races. As Fall approached, Hunter geared up for four million dollar races.

In the four events, Hunter made it to the quarterfinals in two and the semifinals in another. After winning pretty much everything in sight in 2020, Patton came within a few win lights of collecting not one but possibly three million dollar paydays. In recognition of his run for the ages, Hunter Patton is your 2020 Top Bulb Racer of the Year. By the way, this is the second straight year that Hunny Wayne has earned this title!

2 – Jeff Serra

photo by BME Photography

Another talented racer that stood out in 2020 was Jeff Serra. Serra, a consistent winner on the big money bracket racing scene, collected a million dollar payday at the Great American Guaranteed Million in Memphis. Although most would be content with that massive score, Serra went on to collect a $25,000 win at the Immokalee Warm-Up and a $20,000 win the following week at the Dick Moroso Memorial in Palm Beach.

3 – Steve Sisko

Steve Sisko winners circle

Steve Sisko made history in July when he won the largest payout in drag racing history at the SFG 1.1 Million in Michigan. Sisko came back the next day, jumped into a different race car and proceeded to win the $100,000 race! It was a performance that broke the internet as most would have never dreamed one racer could win both races on back-to-back days.

4 – Gary Williams

dragster shootout runner up gary williams fall fling galot 2020

G-dub has been following the big money bracket racing trail for nearly 30 years but he continues to remain at the top of the standings. Williams, one of the winningest drivers in bracket racing history, enjoyed another successful season in 2020. His highlights included a $100,000 victory at the Derby City $100K, $20K victories at the SFG 1.1 Million and ACE Fall Slam, along with a semifinal finish at the Million Dollar race.

5 – Scotty Richardson

Scotty Richardson

2020 was the year that the Richardson name was finally added to a million dollar trophy. Scotty earned a highly popular win at the Spring Fling Million to add one of the few remaining trophies to his case that had alluded him for years. Richardson followed that performance by making the split at the Great American Guaranteed Million and the Original Million in Montgomery.

6 – Tom Dauber

tom dauber 25 anniverary million dollar race runner up

Tom Dauber carried the torch for the old guys in 2020 as he routinely found himself in big dollar final rounds across the country. In addition to his runner-up at the Original Million, Dauber won $20K at the Numidia 150, and made final round appearances at the Spring Fling Million $30K, the Mutt & Jeff $20K, and the Jim Harrington Bracket Nationals.

7 (tie) – Kevin Brannon

kevin brannon 25 anniversary million dollar winner check

After years of late round misses at the Million, KB finally broke through in 2020 collecting his first Million dollar victory. Prior to winning the historic event, Brannon earned a runner-up in the $125K at the Fall Fling in Galot. KB also earned a semifinal finish at Galot in which we warned could create momentum heading into the three race fall million dollar season. Looks like we were spot on.

7 (tie) – Nick Folk

photo by Lou Crouch

Nick Folk enjoyed a wildly successful season but had to be asking himself what if after coming up short in two of the largest finals of the season. The talented racer settled for a runner-up finish in the $100K final at the Firecracker Nationals. He then went on to defeat Gary Williams in a $10K final at Mid Michigan before earning a huge payday in Bristol. Competing at the Spring Fling Million, Folk made his way to the Million dollar final round only to fall to Scotty Richardson.

8 (tie) – Matt Dadas

matt dadas fueltech 25k winner sfg christmas bash

The DragChamp 2020 Racer of the Year enjoyed another successful season in 2020. Dadas kicked off the season with a $50,000 win and $50,000 runner-up at the SFG 350 in Iowa. With two big paydays to start the season, Matt went on to win a $5K at London Dragway, runner-up at $20K at the Summer Slam, and he finished the season with yet another huge SFG paycheck taking the $25K victory at the Christmas Bash in Florida.

8 (tie) – Will Holloman

Will Holloman made rounds at pretty much every race across the country in 2020. Holloman’s highlights included a $25K victory at the SFG Labor Day Bash and winning an American dragster at Dragway 42. Will also pulled in a runner-up in the GABR $80K at Memphis, where he was doubled at six cars, and earned a $20K runner-up at another ACE event.

9 (tie) – Lane Dicken


Lane Dicken didn’t make noise every week in 2020 but when he did, he made a lot of noise, and I mean A LOT. Dicken won two huge events including a $40,000 victory at the Derby City $100K and a $100,000 victory at the SFG 1.1 Million! In addition to his victory at the Derby City race, Lane also earned a semifinal finish in the $100,000 main event.

9 (tie) – Bill Swain

photo by Lou Crouch

Excluding winner Steve Sisko, no one made more waves at the SFG 1.1 Million than runner-up Bill Swain. Swain warmed up for the main event by racing to nine cars in the $100K. He then proceeded to stage up for 19 rounds in the main event as he was doubled until the late rounds. Bill stopped red-hot Hunter Patton in the semifinals before falling to Sisko in the final round. In addition to his outstanding showing at the 1.1 Million, Swain made late rounds at the Mid Michigan $50K weekend, the ACE event at Dragway 42, and the SFG World Series of Bracket racing at SGMP.

10 (tie) – Bailey Ferraro

bailey ferraro thursday 50k winner million dollar race

Bailey Ferraro got hot late in the season to secure his spot in the Top 10. Ferraro picked up a $5K victory at the Mid Michigan $50K weekend before getting red hot in Montgomery. In the warm-up to the Million, Bailey collected another $5K win before making back-to-back $50K finals during Million week. After coming up short in the Wednesday $50K final, Ferraro finished the job in Thursday’s $50K.

10 (tie) – Kyle Cultrera

kyle cultrera wedneday fall fling galot winner -feature

Kyle Cultrera closes out the 2020 Top Bulb Top 10 after another successful season on the big money bracket trail. Cultrera made late rounds on seemingly a weekly basis at events across the country. He earned a $15K victory at the Fall Fling Galot and a $5K victory at the VMP Fall ET Challenge. In addition to those results, Cultrera made back-to-back finals at the Numidia 150 earning runner-up finishes in the $20K and $10K finals.

Shout Out

AJ Ashe earns the shout out due to his late season surge. After departing from the SFG as race director in the middle of the year, AJ returned to his winning ways. He earned the MVP award at the Fall Fling in Galot and destroyed the field at the Texas Turkey Hunt in Houston. Look for this guy to be in the running for the 2021 Racer of the Year title.


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